Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass Review

I have always been curious about wheatgrass so I was pleasantly surprised when I found a bunch of samples in my blogapalooza lootbag.

One serving of Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass provides 17 amino acids, 13 vitamins, 10 minerals, fiber, chlorophyll and over 100 types of enzymes. According to Dr. Charles Schnabel, 15 pounds of fresh wheatgrass is equal to 350 pounds of garden vegetables in nutritional value.

  • detoxifies your system
  • neutralizes body acids (studies show that this is the most common cause of cancer)
  • improves your blood quality
  • fights the effects of aging
  • prevent cancer
  • prevent body odor and bad breath
I am lazy to read lengthy brochures and the fact that it is all natural already sold itself to me instantly.

Without reading about these scientific facts, here are the changes I personally noticed immediately after taking a packet of wheatgrass:

  • I am more alert
  • I no longer feel lethargic
  • My digestive tract has improved, I am often constipated but taking wheatgrass has greatly improved my bowels ( sorr, too much info :P) But I think this is an important point. It doesn't give me diarrhea like most laxatives. It just helps move my bowels and afterwards I feel really light and clean :)
  • Prevents colds
I have since shifted from just Wheatgrass to Wheatgrass with Honey:
(for vanity purposes, I read that this is good for the skin as well)

Why I Love Wheatgrass:
  • It gives me an over-all sense of well-being, I feel extra healthy, clean and energetic.
  • Makes me more alert
  • Easy to prepare
  • You can feel immediate effects (redundant?)
  • You can find it almost anywhere. I get mine in Watsons for around P40 a pack I think. You can also buy the canned version at all 7 Eleven outlets.
  • It tastes really good, very similar to milk tea :)


Mom-Friday said…
Ok now I have to try this for myself and maybe i won't feel lethargic too! :))
Thanks for sharing Sarah!
Twinkle said…
Wow. You are the FIRST person I know who says wheatgrass tastes good. My sister says it tastes like, yeah, grass. Guess I better try it out myself to find out. :)
Issa said…
i wanna try this too because you said it tastes good! thanks for sharing! :)
Aileen Kim said…
this product is great...i give this to my son regularly since he's not so fond of his greens!
We want more pics of your looks!

thestyleflux said…
Wow such a healthy drink! I have to try this :)

Fashion Blogger
Gellie Abogado said…
I fell in love with wheat grass after the blogapalooza <3
Hollie said…
interesting... ma try nga eto. hehe
Wonder Woman said…
I've been hearing a lot of good things about this... Time to try it na myself! :) ...if I can find it.

Kara Rita said…
gonna try the one with honey! thanks :)
Mica said…
Which one tastes like milktea, the original one or the one with honey? Everybody I know who drinks this says nothing positive about how it tastes. Thanks for the review!

Joy said…
Like you, my digestion really improved after drinking wheatgrass daily for months now. I really feel light, clean, and healthy from the inside because I know that the toxins are regularly eliminated. I agree, wheatgrass with honey really tastes good I forget that I'm drinking wheatgrass!