Eat All You Can At Kebab Factory

A few days ago, me and Dennis decided to give Kebab Factory's Eat All You Can a try...
I found it very reasonable since an a la carte dish at Kebab Factory averages for around P250-P300.
Eat All You Can Menu:
Kebab Factory is located at the Atrium of SM Megamall (where most of the good restaurants are ;P)
First, I ordered my favorite, Vegetable Samosas! Really good! I especially love their dipping sauce. I think it's some kind of cilantro puree with mint.
Dennis's first order was the Beef Kofta Curry. He liked it but I thought it tasted a bit like meatballs for Spaghetti and meatballs. Not their most authentic dish but yummy as well.
Next up is their Beef Kebab. Also very good.
Some naan bread to clean the sauce off our curry bowls ;P
My main dish was the Chicken Madras Curry with Jasmine Rice. Very savory. Delicious pops of flavor from the bell pepper, sauce was just the right consistency. Not too thick, not too soupy. I despise soupy curries.

Hyderabad Biryani for Dennis's Chicken Madras Kebab.
Also very, very tasty. Yummy on its own but during an Eat All You can feast, it can be somewhat "nakakasuya", but with a fresh empty belly, it shouldn't be a problem to devour the entire bowl plus two sticks of kebab!

My attempt at ordering my final dish was the Chana Dal.Yummy, since I love dal; Dal are lentils. But this was a big mistake. I was filled to the brim when it finally arrived and I had to muster up all my strength to finish the enitre bowl, which was quite big.
Kebab Factory strictly doesn't allow leftovers so I had to get innovative with my food! I had to hide some under my dipping sauce as seen in the photo below:

Some of it I mashed to blend in with my curry sauce which was also yellow, Thank God! And the rest, I sort of just loosely scattered them around my plate and Dennis's to not make it look like leftovers but instead give the impression that we're just messy eaters, Also spilled some on the table.

Needless to say, towards the end of our gigantic meal, we were forcing everything down with water while laughing hysterically at each other's gluttony.
Truly a memorable experience. Would I recommend it? Yes. Definitely. Just make sure not to be too "takaw tingin" like us. You will regret it :P


A N A G O N said…
Salaaaap didnt know they have veggie options! Definitely a must-try!!!:D
ellie estrada said…
Never been there, but looks pretty good. I'm a sucker for middle eastern food (especially Samosas)!
HAHA natawa ko sa takaw tingin term mo sis! ma-try din nga minsan:))
belle said…
made me seriously hungry!! want!
Mar said…
This is a must-try treat!! Thanks so much for blogging about this, sissie! Oh and btw, I'm hosting a new giveaway from burberry and I hope you'd join :)

Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen - The New BODY by BURBERRY Giveaway!
Bonnie said…
Okay, so this looks absolutely amazing. I'm totally starving now. Not kidding. My stomach growled.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88
Yna Amores said…
Wow parang masarap! Drools! Until when yung promo nila sis?
SERIOUSLY??? It's eat all you can? WOW!!!! =) How I wish there's a Kebab Factory here.
Mars said…
I must try this! Gotta bring the family there! :D
Mars of fashion insouciance
Honey Andrade said…
I used to eat there every time I miss Arabic food.. ;)
Anonymous said…
your pic just made me so hungry.