Fashion Palooza Haul

Like I tweeted before, I found so many pretty things at last week's Fashion Palooza.Here's some of the stuff that made it to the cut:
Proenza inspired bracelet from Rex Clothing
My new favorite wedges from Soule Phenomenon
Senso Ruzak inspired wedges from Zarina
necklace convertible to a stacked bracelet
Bib Necklace also from Zarina

Zarina is such a lovely store, they have blazers of every color imaginable and the most unique accessories, all very well made. Zarina manufactures their own clothes.
This I got in the mall (Rockwell) before heading home. First learned about this from my best friend. It's such a nifty invention. It's lightweight plus you don't get your bath towel soaking wet from you newly shampooed hair. Also dries quickly. A steal for only P200. I'm probably giving some of these away for Christmas :)


Sara said…
I love the wedges! They are super cute.
Nadine Natalin said…
nice haul :) love those wedges. followed you my dear
Janelle said…
great haul! very interesting accessories :)
loving the bracelets!!:)
the wedges are so YOU sis! xox
I'm loving bib necklaces!!! The one you posted is SO AWESOME. Gorgeous! I've heard about those hair drying turbans. Will have to get one! Get tired of using towels! :D
Kat said…
love the wedges!!!! :)
Aya said…
Love the wedges! They are awesome :) xoxo
thestyleflux said…
Wow so many great items! :)

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Honey Andrade said…
I have the same shoes from Soule! Love them too! :D