Fire at Mom's + Louis Vuitton Party

Both Epic Events happened on the same night....

It was about 6 in the evening when we passed by my mom's house to drop off Nikola for a sleepover. After about 5 minutes of being there, Dennis runs inside panting, declaring that there's a fire starting next door...

At our crazy (literally) neighbor's house, with no one home, except one of its crazy inhabitants who was oblivious to the fire and washing dishes the entire time this chaotic mess was happening.

I called the Volunteer Fire Department of San Juan. Much gratitude to them, they arrived around 2 minutes after I hung up. (Amazing work guys!) About 5 minutes after, several municipal fire trucks soon followed.

Since our crazy neighbor wasn't responding to their requests to enter, the fire men had to pass through our place to get to his house while trying to break down his gate.

Because of their fast response, the fire was quickly contained and we all got to relax (well not really, we were still all high strung and anxious 4 hours after). Thank you San Juan Fire Department!

But Nikola's sleepover was cancelled and even if Dennis and myself were still contemplating on wether or not we were dropping by the Louis Vuitton party that night, the fire sort of made the decision for us. We ended up staying home. I myself couldn't stand any more excitement for one night.

Luckily, my tita snapped some photos and I can share them with all of you who are curious about how the event went and looked like :)

First, it was held in Whitespace...

This is the Foyer area with the LV Trunk leather door:

The "highlight" of the party: bar with stainless top and painted clouds by Arch. Joey D:

The chairs match the "clouds" theme:

LV Dj Simon/Janva from Hong Kong:

Party People :P

There, hope you enjoyed these photos. Have a great day everyone! :)

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Jana Lopez said…
How weird is it that the person who was in the house was totally oblivious to the fire? *sigh* some people talaga. I'm glad everyone is safe! Thanks for showing us some photos, at least we were still able to see what went on at the party :)
OMG, that's scary! And ang weird ng kapitbahay nyo! How can they not know what's going on??

D said…
Wow grabe naman! It's a good thing the the fire fighters were quick (I mean really quick).

Buti naman you guys are fine. :)
Mar said…
It's just great to know that no one was harmed during the fire Sarah! You guys did a terrific job calling the fire dept. and working around to it, and so great that they (SJ-FD) responded in such a timely manner! - Mar
-Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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oomph. said…
holy...glad everyone was ok!!! sorry you missed the party!

Yna Amores said…
kalurkey naman ang neighbor! Parang mas concerned pa kayo sa house nila. hahaha!

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navy and orange said…
looks like the LV party was amaz-ing!

xoxo navy & orange
Just glad everyone was safe. Sorry you missed the party, but it's totally understandable. ((HUG))
thestyleflux said…
Wow that's weird! they're not aware what going on. Wow LV event! I only dream of attending to that

Fashion Blogger
Shasie said…
Wow fires are so scary!! But on another note, great LV party
Shasie of Live Life in Style