Food With Feelings

I love food and humor but the two together is just simply irresistable! I had to share these photos of Ian Thomas that I came across in this blog. Enjoy! Eat Pray Laugh!

"How Sliced Olives are Made"

"Doctor Bananas' Diagnosis: Patient is a little nuts"

"Party Crashers""Exposed""Ninja Sushi""Darth Pepper""The Interrogation""Sun Dried Tomatoes""Cherry Pie Search and Rescue""Caramilk Goons"
So next time, think twice before telling your children not to play with their food! :)

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Melsusu said…
Hahahahaha, these are HILARIOUS! Thank you for sharing these amusing photos. And I am definitely joining your giveaway! :)
Natali said…
Haha, this is funny, I found something similar before too. Love it!
Mary Ann said…
the cherry pie search and rescue's the bomb! ^^ LOLS,,,lovet, made me smile at the start of my morning, thanks Ms, S!!!
Glenn Encinares said…
Oh cute photos :) like it
Aileen Kim said…
hahaha...this is hilarious especially the sliced banana shrink! Thanks for the giveaway invite. Your blog is sure full of wonderful stuff to covet!
Honey Andrade said…
Hahahaha love this!!!
Mica said…
Hahaha! That's so cute! :))
Haha! These photos are so cool!
Thanks for your lovely comment :)
Lalaine Mateo said…
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