French Macaroons Zatchels

You know those days when you are so bored at home but too lazy to do anything, even take a shower? The bed weather lately has had me feeling that way but I'm glad I mustered up the willpower to take a shower and head to Rockwell for the Fashion Trendsetter's Bazaar at around 6 in the evening.

I only withdrew P1000 from the bank because I did not want to spend a lot and I had no plans of buying anything expensive. I was just thinking of getting a couple accessories. NOT to my surprise, I ended up trekking back to the atm and going home with more than a couple of accessories and a pair of shoes :P (will share in a different post)

Anyway, during my shopping, I came across a little booth selling "Zatchels" - a British counterpart of the Cambridge Satchel:

They are quirkier and adorable.

I am thinking of going back for this gold number:
or maybe this one???

I am currently quite confused :P I'm not really in the mood to spend a lot but since my birthday is next month, I'm thinking of maybe getting it for myself as an advanced birthday gift. So what do you guys think?

A gold Zatchel or a neon Cambridge?


i wish i could a satchel someday.. i can't afford yet :( i'm just looking for affordable ones.
i could say that gold really looks good on you and polka dot pink is for me :) go for gold!
krissy ♥ said…
I love the baby pink with polka-dots and the royal blue with the UK flag!! :D
gold suits your personality sis! haha splurge!:))
Unknown said…
hahahaha! kaloka kayo, mga b.i.! :P
Gellie Abogado said…
ang cute nung pink na polka dots! i found satchel bags sa egg, only 1k. good dupe na :)
Jana Lopez said…
I might have seen you walking around Rockwell the same day! I was (as usual) too chicken to come up and say hi! I think gold is the way to go though :D I had my eye on the polkadotted ones I think they're super cute, but I also saw the floral one and figured that might be more me! :D Can't wait to see the shoes you bought :)
thestyleflux said…
Those are some nice looking sachets :) Mustard Yellow or Gold! definitely in this F/W :)

Fashion Blogger
mitch said…
drooling over for pink and gold!
Glenn Encinares said…
I like the baby pink with white polka dots. Sara go for the gold, unique color for satchel bag.
loooove the pink polka-dot one!
Corinne said…
those are beyond ADORABLE! in my opinion, if you completely & utterly love them, will use them, & know that they are big enough to hold stuff you usually carry around, go for it! & you can never go wrong with a satchel!
gold is definitely very versatile & can act as a neutral so i'd go for it [but i have a weakness for handbags ;D]
let us know if you took the plunge!
xx corinne
Unknown said…
I have just bought the metallic pewter one, 14.5 inches, really pleased with it, good size, great colour...
Arianne said…
I recommend the Leather Satchel Company (for a buyer's guide to satchels check out my post here) it has the best leather! Funny story, Zatchels manufacturer used to make Cambridge Satchel Company's bags but they are now engaged in a lawsuit. Drama!

Arianne from A + B in the Sea
Cherry C. said…
I have the Limited Red Metallic with Stars and the Baby Blue with White Polka Dots, both in 13" and I absolutely love them! I am a collector of high end designer bags, but these Zatchel babies are really great and very affordable. And if you will buy one here in Manila, do not buy from anybody but FRENCH MACARONS! Kriss is a terrific seller and its the best guarantee you can get for your original Zatchel.