Kose Infinity Launch

Headed over to East Cafe in Rustan's Makatiwith some blogger friends for the launch of Infinity Kose.

It is said that we only use less than 10% of our innate ability. It means that we leave 90% of our ability unused. The same can be said in terms of beauty. To maximize women’s ability to pursue beauty by tapping the remaining 90% of such unused power, KOSÉ created "Infinity." The potential of unlimited beauty is represented in the name "Infinity." KOSÉ believes that cosmetics inspires both skin and mind and can make women glow from within and emerge with a strong presence.

Each press table had their own line of Infinity Kose to inspect:

Before the event proper, we were asked to fill up answer sheets about our skin and our daily skin care habits:

Kose was established by Mr. Kobayashi in 1946. His business philosophy is to spend more on research rather than advertising. This holds true with Kose's products until the present.

Did you know that Kose is responsible for developing the first ever beauty serum, 2 way foundation and fresh concentrate? Kose is an innovator in the beauty/cosmetics industry.
"We must treat our skin like Silk!"

Our skin is not like cotton or polyester, it is like silk and therefore we must handle it with utmost care.
Kose's regional manager Harumi Sugawara demonstrated the proper way to cleanse and moisturize our skin with the help of a volunteer model:
Our table had the most adorable "Becky" to help us better understand the techniques that Ms. Sugawara was explaining:
Kose Infinity is a luxurious, high-end skin care line that delivers their promise of better looking, youthful skin, right after your first application of the product.

Kose is unlike any other facial skin care product I have tried. The texture alone feels expensive. Their Oil Cleansing Cream which is a genius at removing all traces of even the toughest eyeliner with just one wipe, is at first a cream and then transforms into the lightest oil after a few seconds. I can't find the words to accurately describe it's texture but if this makes any sense at all, it sort of felt like a "water-based oil". That's innovation that only the Japanese can pull off flawlessly.

Kose Infinity produces instant results. It just makes your skin happy and produces an "instant glow" right after application just like on Ava, Ana and Keigh below:

Infinity Kose and other Kose products is available in all Rustan's Department Stores Nationwide.


thestyleflux said…
Wow gotta love that beauty product :)

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Honey Andrade said…
Wow, I miss going to events with you girls.. <3