Kose Infinity Line


It is said that we only use less than 10% of our innate ability. It means that we leave 90% of our ability unused. The same can be said in terms of beauty. To maximize women’s ability to pursue beauty by tapping the remaining 90% of such unused power, KOSÉ created "Infinity." The potential of unlimited beauty is represented in the name "Infinity." KOSÉ believes that cosmetics inspires both skin and mind and can make women glow from within and emerge with a strong presence.

The Complete Infinity Line Up:

INFINITY KOSÉ Realizing White XX

Infinity Realizing White XX is a whitening serum that approaches various factors that cause blemishes, while simultaneously providing aging care. It is proven to be effective towards various blemishes including melasma caused by hormonal imbalance due to stress. Also effective as UV care, it attacks the cause of deep-rooted stubborn blemishes that somehow keep getting darker and erases spots deep down with kojic acid. A natural substance found in koji (rice malt), kojic acid that is extensively purified with the use of biotechnology is said to have permeability that excels in comparison to other whitening ingredients.

INFINITY KOSÉ Oil Cleansing Cream

For those with dry, rough or hard skin, the Infinity Oil Cleansing Cream grants bright natural skin as a result of the cleansing power from a concoction of oil and cream. With a cream-like texture that spreads with a gliding touch, it removes impurities in pores and deep layers of skin and tired surface cells and transforms to oil when blended with make-up, which is a sign for the completion of cleansing.

* this removes even the toughest waterproof mascara with just one wipe!


The Infinity Tone Wash Up is a high-functional washing cream, which grants skin brightness, translucency and silkiness without discoloration. Its rich and elastic foams gently and securely washes off impurities. For morning and night use, it takes away dirt while protecting the skin’s moisture.

INFINITY KOSÉ Lotion Concentrate 14

To be used after washing the face, the Infinity lotion Concentrate 14 supports the skin's function to maintain moisture in 14 cornified layers. It fills deep skin with high-quality moisture and grants resilient and lively skin as if the skin has been taken care of with a steamer and gives suppleness and firmness to the skin and creates shine that comes from within the skin. The type I lotion concentrate provides a fresh and mellow texture while type II gives a mellow and rich texture.

INFINITY KOSÉ Serum Completion

For dull, dry or irritated skin, the Infinity Serum Completion grants shiny resilience emerging from deep within the skin. To be used after applying the lotion concentrate, this emulsion paves the way for healthy and bright skin with softness and without dryness or skin irritation. It quickly permeates every cell of the skin and gives a natural glow.

INFINITY KOSÉ Cream Excellent

By enveloping various beauty ingredients (such as emulsion of hyaluronan base and phospholipid) compounded at high concentration by a special oil solution, a long-lasting effect on the skin is produced in Infinity Cream Excellent. With this beauty cream, the skin becomes everything a woman could wish for. The moisture veil with resilience and absorbability creates "the finest skin" the next morning.

* a must try! definitely the star of the entire line up, you may use with other products/brands.


Focusing on decrease in collagen, the Infinity Eye Cream creates firmness on the skin around eyes. It also prevents minor wrinkles by elastic coating with hydrate and wrapping effects, plus it supports barrier function for skin around eyes and lifts the skin.

Kose skincare and cosmetics is available in all Rustan's Department Stores.


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