My Murad Spa Experience

Tucked neatly away at the 5th floor of Rustan's Makati is a little slice of heaven called the Murad Spa/Center:

Murad is one of the leading high-end skin care lines in the world and are best know for their patented "Cellular Water Principle". Your skin cells loose the ability to hold as much water when you age and this is the main cause of sking aging. Murad products re-hydrate the cells from within. The result is a brighter, plumped up, more youthful looking skin.

affordable sets that'll make great gifts this Christmas:
The lounge at the lobby of Murad spa:
All their clients are asked to fill up an information sheet before proceeding:
The information sheet includes questions on your medical history, skin care routine and work habits.
After filling up the information sheet, you are led to their locker room:
They will ask you to change into a "sarong" and slippers. More pics of the locker room below:
Murad spas around the world receive rave reviews from top international publications.

Once changed, you are asked to step into your own, private treatment room:
Their private rooms are spacious, clean, and very relaxing.
These are the all the products they use generously on their clients according to their requested treatment.
In my case, I had the Vitamin C facial which involved the application of these miracle workers:

Essential C cleanser
Vitamin C infusion mask
Essential C toner
Clarifying toner
Soothing massage cream
Body firming cream
Renewing eye cream
Sensitive skin soothing serum
Essential C moisturizer SPF 15
Soothing lip therapy
Pomegranate lip protector SPF 15
which are all infused with the Murad Active Radiance Serum ( watch out for my dedicated blog post on that)
How would I rate my experience?

This deserves a little back story...
I was especially stressed and tired on this day since I went to bed at 2am the night before finishing deadlines and I had to get up at 5am to make it to my 7am seminar/ cum meeting in Quezon City which ended at 1pm.

Right after, I had to rush back to our house, have lunch with Nikola, take her back to school, get dressed all before 2pm because I had several events plus this spa experience to attend to in Makati.

By the time I finally reached Rustan's for my facial appointment, I was tired, sleepy, and haggard. I couldn't think of a better day for my appointment.

Okay, back to the facial...

Here's why I love it:

  1. The room smells so good and you are immediately relaxed by it's ambience upon entering.
  2. The staff/technicians are friendly, efficient,well-trained and professional.
  3. The products and process is explained thoroughly step by step upon application.
  4. THE PRODUCTS of course! I love Murad and during these spa treatments, the amount of product they use is VERY generous.
  5. Their special and unique massage technique. It is very systematic and it works wonders. Sometime within my session, I literally felt the stress just lifted away miraculously.
  6. They don't advertise this on their services menu, but it's not just a facial. They actually give you a massage and concentrate on your "stress points" as you state them in your information sheet before the session.
  7. The products smell really good! I especially love the lip treatment.
  8. Privacy.
  9. Value for Money. A vitamin C facial costs P1700 for an hour's worth of treatment that includes a facial and massage using only premium Murad products. You are paying for the product and their premium service.
  10. Immediate results. My complexion was noticeably brighter and healthier looking despite the stress and lack of sleep I had from earlier in the day.
There you go ladies, 10 Major reasons for you to treat yourself to a heavenly experience at the Murad spa.

The best spa experience ever.

We all deserve a treat once in awhile, why not have it at one of the best spa's in the world.

Thank you Murad and Rustan's for this wonderful experience. I'll be back before you know it!

for more information: contact the Murad Center at 8161806

*don't forget to ask about their special packages to avail BIG discounts!


Sam said…
I'm always on the lookout for new and awesome spa places and this place sounds amazinggg!!!
Honey Andrade said…
Wow ha inggit ako!!! Will definitely try Murad products..
Zeynep said…
Hmm looks great...!
thestyleflux said…
Whoa! I need a massage! Will definitely try out Murad products

Fashion Blogger
Ohhhhh you look like a happy girl! I've heard so many good things about MURAD! I know you will be back. The place looks GREAT!!! Definitely a TREAT!!! :D
Issa said…
Kainggit! I wanna go to a spa too! If only I have the time....sigh