New Month, New Shoes

My new pairs of shoes from Asian Vogue finally arrived a few days ago...
and I am happy. :)
I love the slightly rounded toe of these ankle boots. It lends them a childish and nonchalant appeal that I am totally digging. Quite comfy too.

I have been and still am on the list for those Senso Ruzak inspired wedges which always seem to evade me no matter how hard I try. They were my first choice AGAIN only to find out a few weeks after that they were out of stock AGAIN :( My heart just broke and I couldn't bear not at least attempting on a temporary sub. I decided to get these Givenchy inspired wedges instead.

It's not my white castle but it'll do for now. It also helps that they go with just about everything. Perfect statement shoe for a night out :)
You can visit Asian Vogue Shop HERE.


Love love love the wedges!!!!!!:))
Jelena (
FashionJazz said…
These rock!! Happy Tuesday xx
Love your boots! Can't wait to see you wear them! :)

Mary Ann said…
RAD shoes!!! ^^ am joining ur giveaway yey! ^^

PS: thanks for the sweet comments=)
Jana Lopez said…
Oh my god shoes, a girl's favorite topic! I really really love the color of your boots!! Those wedges are a sure statement! I can't wait to see you style them.
misslikey said…
satin ones are goorgeous
Myrted said…
I love the bandage wedge!!! It's to die for, but I'm on a shoe diet... Boo me. :P Have fun with your shoesis Ms. Sarah! :)
The wedges are amazing! LOVE them!
The wedges are so fab! Come and visit my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I'll be waiting for you!

Cosa mi metto???
MissGennD said…
Love the wedges! I am still in search for the perfect wedge for me. =)
thestyleflux said…
Those boots! :) I'm really eyeing on 'em

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