Pampered at Posh Nails

Headed over to Posh Nails Connecticut a few days ago for a much needed mani-ped. Remember how I chopped my thumb with the paper cutter last week? It was still a mess. I also manage to stain all my fingernails with henna...

Posh Nails is located at the 2nd floor of the Fox Square building along Connecticut in Greenhills. You can opt to park in the basement or along the street. Parking is P20.

The exteriors and interiors of Posh Nails can only be described as swanky.
It's clean, spacious and bright. Decorated with their signature pink and purple flagship colors.

Each client gets their own love seat. You can have a mani-ped session right beside your BFF, or ask your significant other to accompany you while you get pampered. He won't get bored with the free wi-fi and drinks available.

Lots of nail art and nail stampers to choose from:
They also sell nail polish and some other nail care products both for men and women:

Waiting to be pampered...
Getting my feet soaked; prepping up for my hand and foot scrub! :)
Pampering at it's best...your hands and feet are done simultaneously by two people!
Jackie has been in the business for more than 30 years. Her expertise shows with the systematical and efficient way she does her job. Within 5 minutes of talking with her, you'll know she knows more about nails than the average nail technician.
My favorite part...getting massaged....
Choosing the perfect shade of polish was a daunting task. They had soooo many pretty colors and brands to choose from!
OPI, Orly, Essie, Revlon, China Glaze....

I wanted to do a black and gold crackle at first but my nails are too short.
I opted for Essie's watermelon instead:
So pretty right?

This is the best mani-ped I have had in a very long time!

  • They never hurt me, I usually get hurt during pedicures, especially when they're doing the big toe!
  • beautiful nail job, very clean, neat, and flawlessly done
  • love the place!
  • free wi-fi! I usually mess up my nails 5 minutes after stepping out of a nail salon but since they have wi-fi, I was able to stay longer and let my nails dry properly
  • VERY friendly and attentive staff, ask for Ate Jackie :)
  • free drinks
  • clean, spacious place.
for more info, visit Posh Nails FB
or the

*pampering session courtesy of Posh Nails in cooperation with Bloggers United.


thestyleflux said…
Nice place!

Fashion Blogger
you got the cutest nails. same with my sis in law....ang tiny! kyot kyot!:))
Unknown said…
Oh man, this nail shop looks so cool and relaxing! One of the ladies was giving you a leg massage. I can really use one right now lol.
Aya said…
Nice :)

"Choosing the perfect shade of polish was a daunting task." -----> Hahaha that's always my "big problem" whenever I go get my nails done in nail salons :)
Melsusu said…
OMG they have nail salons like these?! If there were nail salons that I could get my own freaking love seat in Texas, I'd be all up over them! Now this, this is something I would enjoy! Your nails look great! :)
Naiara Cruz said…
thank you!!!
wowww!!! what a beautiful place! i would like to viisit it and take care of my nails. im in love with alll those colours :)
im following youuu***
waiting in my blog
Love a lil pampering!!!

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Would love if you entered~ its a rockin piece! xxx
Hey Ms. Eggplant! Girl, thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog. OUCH!!! With that paper cutter incident! I had a similar accident once. Love your nail salon spa! It's super sweet. I'm going to enjoy reading your future posts! :D
krissy ♥ said…
I had my pampering session at the Commonwealth branch the other day and I loved it ♥ Miss you, Sarah :)
Hey dear! That's where I go as well! And usually Jackie does my pedi or sometimes Jima :) They're also good in Brazilian waxing, a must try!

Unknown said…
That nail salon looks really nice! I wish more of them looked as modern and trendy as this one. The color you chose looks really cute too :)