What I Wore Today: Assets/Spanx

I know! That's a lot of pictures than I normal post but I just couldn't be bothered to sift through them all and I "double uploaded" some of them and didn't really feel like redoing it so there. :P Bear with me :)

Wearing Spanx/Assets footless tights/leggings that my Mamita brought home for me from the states. I honestly thought they were more opaque but I guess the lighting's dim in my house. Good thing I was wearing a really oversized sweater. Anyway, these Spanx leggings/tights are really awesome. They hold everything in and just give you an over-all streamlined shape. What I love most is that you don't get any of those nasty bulges above the garter line that most girdles give. Also extremely comfortable. It holds you in nicely but doesn't feel tight. I think every girl must invest in some of these. I have a nude one which covers the tummy antil the thigh area and this black one which covers the entire leg area and tummy. Definitely must-haves!


Unknown said…
ok im sold. where do i get one?
Megann Monday said…
I want one too!! And it's your cross necklace again! I fell in love with it the first time I saw you wear it... I think I commented on that post and brought up the necklace there. Haha!! I must have one! :)

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ok guys, i think rustan's carries it :) saw them in a store at greenbelt 5 too. but wait, you guys are so skinny! :P

i got the necklace in penshoppe :)
Aya said…
I wonder how this would look on me. My legs are (ehem) short and kinda chubby kasi eh kaya Idk if I can sport this look as well as you do :D
Gellie Abogado said…
Sarah, you really rocked that look! :)
Anupriya DG said…
Hmmm....that looks like such a versatile piece of clothing! Also LOVE your neckpiece!! :)
thestyleflux said…
Really love your edgy style, Sarah!

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Rafael said…
OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, your boots, omg, so beautiful!
Anonymous said…
LOVE the necklace. So chunky and wonderful AND black! haha. OVE LOVE LOVE it. Totally pulls your entire outfit together ^_^

I love SPANX! They have great solid and textured tights. I just recently bought a "dot" pair. It's a great accessory to any outfit! You look cute. Love that sweater and cross necklace. Happy Monday! :D
ok i think i will be needing one! will check out rustans!

The earrings you liked by the way are from Yhansy :) I so love that store! It's one of my best discovery this year! haha!


Anonymous said…
That is high fashion!
Jana Lopez said…
I want two!! :D Love your necklace!! :D
Nadine Natalin said…
love your outfit :) super pretty and your shoes are to die for.
belle said…
nice outfit!!!! and i'm super jealous of your bag!!! been wanting the duffel style... and i must get me some of that spanx!!!
Honey Andrade said…
Love <3
This outfit is perfect for Autumn season ;)