What I Wore Today: DIY Leopard Shorts

This is actually an outfit I wore some time ago to do some errands in.

blazer by KTPD, brogues from summersault, Bench Envi shirt, DIY leopard shorts

Today was a hell of a day!

First, the bad news...

As you all know I have been very busy with work, but aside from work, I still have things to do around the house and maxi skirt orders plus some other DIY orders to finish. Needless to say, with a 5 year old daughter and a full schedule, I am always pressed for time.

Today was exactly the same. I was asked to model for Jeffrey Tasker and Laura Mercier today at 1pm but before I could get ready for that event, I still had some packages to ship, chores to finish, slight alterations on my outfit for that day and business cards to cut...and that's when I sliced my thumb, right through the nail and straight to the skin beneath it with the heavy blade of the paper cutter. I almost fainted with the pain! It still hurts terribly and I will be "thumbless" from an x number of days starting today.

Second, Dennis accidentally erased all the photos on the Nikon. That's like a week's worth of blog posts :(

Good news....
I got made up by Jeffrey Tasker today who is also responsible for some of the looks on Sex and the City, Oprah, Vogue, Nylon, New York Fashion Week and a lot more. It was quite an experience modelling for Laura Mercier even just for an afternoon! I will make a detailed post on it. Just waiting for the photos to arrive :)

And also, there's my giveaway with Paisley!

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Gellie Abogado said…
I love your leopard shorts, Sarah! :)
Unknown said…
I adore you, so busy and yet so stylish! you are like a super mom!
get well with your thumb, hope that it will heal faster.
thestyleflux said…
Such a fierce outfit! :)

Fashion Blogger
out of order said…
cool outfit!!

Ana Maria said…
I love the leopard shorts :)
oomph. said…
what an awesome experience! hope you are ok...take care of that thumb!!!

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Aileen Kim said…
ugh! That must have really hurt! Hope the thumb isn't giving you much pain anymore...and i can't wait to see those LMercier photos with you all made up...am sure they're awesome!
Jana Lopez said…
I felt weak just reading what happened :( sending healing vibes so you won't be thumbless for any longer. You're so busy!!! I don't think I've ever been that busy, and here I am prancing around telling everyone being busy is fun. I really really hope it heals soon.

Thumbless or not, your outfit is super super cute! I love those leopard shorts and I've been eyeing something like what you're wearing at Rome .... with more color though :)

Again I have to say, take care of your thumb!
paislea said…
ahhhh! that's my name!! woot! paislea. ha. just spelled a little cooler... ;)

great giveaway!!!

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