What I Wore Today: F21 Suede Skirt

I have been wearing this F21 jacket and skirt non-stop since I bought them a few days ago. Wore it for a night out with friends at Hao (as seen in the photo above), wore it a few days after to watch Next to Normal (have you seen this play? It's phenomenal). Just been switching these 2 pieces around with different tops and shoes. I wore it again to the Multiply Shopping Party last night :P

I think I'll give it a rest for now.

It's weird, today feels like a dreaded Monday for me...hope the day turns out alright.


Meesh said…
oooh im loving the suede! and your shoes are amazing!!
It's a great skirt, in a wonderful color! You are going to get so much wear out of it. You have done a great job pairing it with different things! Love it! :D
JanandJill.com said…
I see why you've been wearing it everything, this outfit is so chic and I love the color of that skirt, I've been seeing that rust color everywhere lately. It's so on trend. You look amazing!

Unknown said…
Cute outfit!

Anne Garais said…
nice skirt.. great outfit!!! i'd love to meet you in person. you are simply pretty!! :)

Anupriya DG said…
Loving all that jewelry on you! And we do tend to get obsessed with particular pieces of clothing for a while......that proves why we picked 'em up in the first place! :)
Caro P. said…
uhmmm can i just say... u look freaking awesome!!? :D
im loving that color combination and that suede skirt is to die for!
great look!

Hope ur doing fine! i've been a little out of the blogosphere thanks to college, but now i think im back!

Jana Lopez said…
Can't blame you! I'd wear them nonstop as well! :) I really like the color of your suede skirt! I hope your day turns out really well too :D
cryskay said…
i LOVE that skirt! xx
Issa said…
I love the blazer!
D said…
Ohhh very lovely. Those are some bad a*s shoes!!! :)

Oh and about the GOODIES, I shipped it a couple of days ago. I'll text you the tracking number. :)
Helen said…
Great skirt, I love the shape of it
Carla said…
i love your shoes! you look amazing. if i had that jacket maybe id wear them nonstop too.. haha

ps... please do join my giveaway!!
love the whole outfit! everything's spells awesome!

Gellie Abogado said…
awesome jacket! you totally rocked that look with it! 'twas great seeing u again at the multiply party last night :)
Marie-Louise said…
i love the look but those shoes are amazing! close up pictures please!
Unknown said…
beautiful outfit!!!
thestyleflux said…
Love that suede skirt! so chic!

Fashion Blogger
Shasie said…
Love that skirt with that top! Lovely!
Shasie of Live Life in Style