What I Wore Today: Forever21 Booties

cardigan from topshop
top from pink
shorts greenhills
forever21 booties

This is a scheduled post. There's another storm coming and I'm afraid I might loose my internet connection again, better safe than sorry :)

Anyway, wore this to buy some supplies at National Bookstore for Nikola's project. National Bookstore is such an institution for students already. As I was watching Nikola walk with her National shopping bag, I had this thought that it just looks so fitting to see a little kid with a National plastic bag, even more so than a Toy Kingdom bag. Brought waves of nostalgia back :P


ghoent said…
saan po nakakabili ng magandang legs like yours? =) haha sana di harassing ang tunog ng comment ko! =P
agree with ghoent! Miss U flawless legs! pheeweeet!!:P
Marie said…
Really love your shoes and that top is also great!
thestyleflux said…
Really love the color of your booties!!

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