What I Wore Today: Full Head Turban

I bought this Turban some time ago but delayed wearing it cause I felt that it was too big on me. I took it to the cleaners hoping it would shrink after a good tumble in the dryer but it didn't so I just kept it in my closet until today.

I was feeling extremely lethargic and not in the mood to dress up at all but we had to take our daughter to a children's party so I had to muster up the strength to get dressed. As you can see, I kept it very low key. I felt it needed something, and this turban was the perfect choice.

I'm happy too because judging from the photos, it doesn't look big on me contrary to the q tip head I saw staring back at me in the mirror! :P

crop top from penshoppe, wide leg denims from dorothy perkins, bag from accessorize, shoes from oro nero, turban from yhansie

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in love with that turban hat + wide denim <3

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X the cookies

Maria Regina P. said…
loving the outfit. simple comfy and chic. got the same turban too and haven't worn it yet... maybe I should after seeing your post. hehe

<3 Maria
Jana Lopez said…
I love your wide legged jeans!!! That turban looks great on you you should wear it more often. I have some stuff in my closet that I'm too afraid to wear din, I guess I have be brave and air them out sometimes? :D
Denise said…
i love the simple outfit, spiced-up with that turban! :) and that bag, I loooveee! :)
Alyssa said…
I love turbans and I could wear differently style of turbans using a large scarf... For me it's perfect for any season but I especially love wearing it during summer <3
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thestyleflux said…
I really love that turban, really added something to your look! :)

Fashion Blogger
Love the turban! It looks good on you, Ms. Sarah! Pluuus your total outfit is L-O-V-E! ♥

Mar said…
I'm loving the turban on you as well, I think it fits you perfectly! And I likey the floral bag on your sleeve, gorgeous! Following you now :) - Mar
-Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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Rosamond Kim said…
It doesn't look big at all. Your outfit really looks comfortable.

Take care,

sis you rawked that DP jeans! win! mas malaman ka mas sexier!:))
Gellie Abogado said…
You look really gorgeous Sarah. Love the turban on you :)
krissy ♥ said…
You made me wish I have long hair again so I can rock a turban, too :D
c said…
thank you for your sweet comment! you look really nice, we so much love your tulband!

Marie said…
Love that bag of yesterday! This outfit is really great, and i also love your bag ;d.
Unknown said…
you pull off those wide leg jeans so well! AMAZING!

xo Jackie

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Mars said…
You look pretty in that outfit. :) I love how casual it is but still glam. The turban does not look too big for you in these photos.
Mars of fashion insouciance
I´ve been wanting to buy a wide leg denim but I didn´t think it´ll look good on my petite frame.

You wear yours so well!
Sammie said…
very cute look :)
thank you for visiting my blog :)

this looks really nice, I might try something like that too! :D
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Sam said…
You look so cute! Those jeans look so good!
Michelle Loreto said…
That turban really does suit you so perfectly!

x Michelle | thefeatherden.net
great turban! I saw that at Yhansy as well! i'm not so sure though if I'm able to pull it off! haha! Great pants!


Honey Andrade said…
Keri naman ang turban! The blue one I had also had a black version but when I went back to the mall to buy it, wala na ubos na :( Oh and I love your flare pants too!! :)