What I Wore Today: If I Made It To PFW 2011

Old news, been sick all week, but last Friday, I thought I felt a little bit better and tried to make an effort to at least catch the tail-end of Philippine Fashion Week. I got dressed and wore the outfit above which consisted of:

sheer polka top from Pink Manila, DIY skirt, Esprit belt, Pill footwear, Classic Coach bag

Minutes soon after dressing up, I began to feel the headache and sinus creep back up but I still managed to make it to the car and head towards SMX. It was a feeble attempt since I can't re-iterate enough how HORRIBLE the traffic was! Registration was at 7pm but at 7:15 I was still stuck in the car along Edsa-Guadalupe with what had developed into a splitting headache. I decided to turn back home and take a nap :(

I'm sick of being sick! It's been over a week!!! Belle and Helga told me they were withdrawal symptoms from quitting smoking and that her friend even got hospitalized for it. Ugh!

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Caro P. said…
Oh dear.. so sad to hear u couldn't make it to PFW, i totally get u... i was invited to a Carolina Herrera's party last friday and i had to stay in bed burning in fever!
but hey! health comes first!
beautiful skirt by the way... love the color!
Caro P.
Aki No Yuutsu said…
You look great in orange dear!
Unknown said…
cute look!

Lovely!! You look good on everything! Haha! ♥

Gellie Abogado said…
love the skirt Sarah :)
Khlaren said…
Pretty skirt! :) I hope you get better and I hope you'd be able to quit smoking forever HAHA. Good luck :)
Well you looked great! I love that skirt and your top. Two amazing items. :D
Unknown said…
I love your skirt so much, especially the colour/shape of it.


TheAuthor said…
you look chic and pretty with that fab pieces... hope you're ok by now...
t said…
Nice outfit! That skirt is a great colour!

SunnyToast said…
I love your skirt and wedge:)

your new follower
love the cut of the skirt!
Mitha Komala said…
love the skirt and shoes! you look adorable indeed. love your blog dear. <3

follow me if you love to, and I’ll follow you back :)

Helen said…
This is a really lovely outfit, especially the sheer blouse
thestyleflux said…
Great look! love that skirt!

Fashion Blogger
▲Tyna said…
Love this outfit!!:)
Issa said…
you look so lovely! nice outfit!
Chyrel Gomez said…
Sarah, hope you are feeling all better. Sorry for backtracking your blog. XD