What I Wore Today: Neon Lapels

I have been on a "sinusitis roller coaster ride" since Sunday last week. It started
with a fever that developed into colds.

Colds that seem to have no plans of leaving me anytime soon. One day, I'd start to feel better, the next I'm back with a terrible headache and clogged sinuses. This cold made me miss ALL the Philippine Fashion Week shows. Great timing huh? :(

So anyway, a few days ago, I had to muster up my strength and get dressed for a quick meeting in Krispy Kreme, this is what I wore: kids of bayo blazer, glamour studio striped shirt, dorothy perkins wide legged denim, forver21 wedges, Mikka Padua clutch (available through chicify, just click Chicify link on my right rail).

I'm not sure if it's just me but I feel like the weather lately is weird. It's not quite cold and yet not quite hot. Too cold for a t-shirt but too hot for longsleeves. I wonder what else is available in between? :)



Yna Amores said…
Nice blazer Sarah!
Anupriya DG said…
That's an awesome jacket!! <3

Hope you get well soon...
Kaisensei said…
You always look fab! The jacket looks good on you. :)
Unknown said…
im in love with this blazer too, bet ko ang neon lapels!
Gellie Abogado said…
I really really really love the envelope bag Sarah...
i love the proportion of the pants and that clutch.
Myrted said…
Yea, I have to agree that your blazer here is really great and awesome! :D
i told u sis...i really love your look when u wear wide legged pants!!
Caro P. said…
Hi Sarah!
I love that blazer! it looks great with that striped top
Hope u get well of your cold/sinusitis... i've been in the same plan too this last week!! seasons are changing from winter to spring, the pollen and the ups and downs of the temperature are making my life miserable!
Caro P.
i love your jacket!

thestyleflux said…
Love that blazer!

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