What I Wore Today: Rope Loafers

knit shirt from glamour studio, satchel from SM, old shorts, rope loafers c/o Paisley Clothing

The ONLY pair of flats I truly love next to my Toms. The rope weave design and beautiful color combinations of my Paisley loafers just takes my breath away each time I look at them. I'm not much of a flats person since I'm short, but I must say, it is such a relief to kick off those heels and slip into something "foot friendly" for a change. It's also a major plus that these are uber stylish and unique!


Unknown said…
d ba siya masakit sa paa? :)
Unknown said…
Simple but so cute! The pink top looks really nice on you, and the shoes look very comfy :D
Roxanne said…
i realy love the knit top and the loafers ;)
Cute shoes and I am loving to color of your purse.
c said…
you look so cute! we lovee that bag!

Gellie Abogado said…
love the bag Sarah! :)
krissy ♥ said…
Wow ang nice nga! I want din!! :D
I am loving your bag and shoes! xx
StyleIDnet said…
cute shirt and shoes. I want them!

Meri said…
You accessorize so well! I love that aqua bag!
dolceedamara said…
Loving the loafers!
Anonymous said…
Cute ensemble, fresh and laidback. :D

I love TOMS and I'm also loving your Paisley loafers. I'm a flats person. Occasionally I wear heels, but I'm more about comfort lol.

P.S. Dressing for cold weather is da best!

XoXo, Bree
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Anupriya DG said…
Loving your satchel! And those flats look so pretty!! :)
thestyleflux said…
Really loved that colorful loafers! You're outfit looks so safari chi-esque :)

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Jana Lopez said…
One of my favorite looks you've put together! I'm still searching for the right loafers for me, I'm not a flats happy girl either cause I'm flat footed and there are certain flats that look kind of odd on my feet. I love all the colors on the ones you have on, and they look super comfy! I've been looking for a satchel in the same color as that one, I hope I find something similar soon! I'm going crazy for that shade of blue recently, but mostly in blue :)
Maggie said…
Beautiful bag! Thank you so much for a comment!
Christina said…
I like that loafers and the knit top, Its so cute.