What I Wore Today: Slippers + A Different Maxi

After my pampering session at Posh Nails, I walked over to Yumemiya Cafe located a few buildings away from Posh to meet Dennis for some coffee.

I had to wear slippers for my mani-ped :)

*So I paired my slippers with a turban from Yhansie, a top c/o Oxygen, a DIY pencil cut maxi skirt

I ordered a Green Tea Latte from Yumemiya which was really good.

I skipped the coffee since I prefer mine served black in large steaming mugs. Dennis ordered one though:

But his coffee was long gone by the time I arrived.

So happy with my mani-ped. I think Posh Nails is one if the best Nail Salons in our country :)


Mar said…
You look so incredibly chic, even when just wearing slippers ;) - Mar
-Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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thestyleflux said…
You still look stylish even if you're just wearing slippers :)

Fashion Blogger
Twitter: @thestyleflux
You pulled-off that turban! love it!


Anonymous said…
You look great. (:
Love your laid back outfit!

FashionMoto said…
l0ve y0ur turban! ت

C0unt us as 0ne 0f y0ur f0LL0wers! =)

Please supp0rt 0ur bL0g by f0LL0wing us back @



Thank y0u! ϡ
Anupriya DG said…
Like how you've added the turban to the maxi skirt & slippers ensemble! :)
Natali said…
That green tea latte looks SO yummy!!
oomph. said…
you wear that turban well! i have yet to get this one down!

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Anne Garais said…
i love wearing turban too.. :)) yummy green tea latter! hmmm! :)

Aya said…
Love the headpiece! So fab! xo
Unknown said…
you look so chic! I love the turban. About the iphone application, just search for blogger in apps store and I get my NYLON back issues at Landmark.

Ana Maria said…
I love this outfit :) Bag looks perfect with the turban!!