Accessorize - All About Bags 50% Sale!

If you have been a follower of my blog for quite some time, you will know that I am a BIG fan of Accessorize. I have featured numerous pieces from Accessorize in a multitude of blog posts. See, already, I am showing my love and appreciation for the brand exponentially through words :P

I received the invite in my gmail inbox through Melai of Style and Soul and Bloggers United, a few days before the event, sometime around Fashion Week, if I remember right. I read it lying in bed with a splitting headache, not quite sure if I'd be okay by then but I still RSVP'd that I'd make it. I just couldn't resist. Snot and all, this was something I would not miss.

The Accessorize All About Bags event was held at the Persia Grill in SM North. An intimate group of bloggers were introduced and briefed about the launch of the first ever Accessorize ALL ABOUT BAGS annual sale to commemorate the love between Accessorize and it's customers.
For those of you who aren't familiar, Accessorize is a London-based brand that is THE PLACE to shop for unique bags, scarves, accessories and all things cute and kitschy. It is the only boutique that my daughter and I can shop in together without me hearing a peep about "Toys R' Us" or "Timezone" from her.

I cannot re-iterate enough how much I love their bags and how difficult it is for me to resist them that is why I am sooo excited to announce that MOST of their bags including those from their latest collection, will be on sale at 50% off!!!!
Here are a few examples of the bags that will be on sale:
Perfect gifts for Christmas! These are sure to put a smile on any girl/woman's face!
Treat yourself to one, two or twenty! :))
Here are some pics from the event:
Registration Table:
We were treated to delicious Union Jack cupcakes that turned our teeth pink! :P
Old and new faces....I'm the one taking the photo...
Melai and Ana did a great job of hosting the event:
We were briefed by the beautiful and friendly people of Accessorize. No kidding, they are really nice and they know how to make you feel right at home...
LOTS of drool-worthy pieces on display:
I have been eyeing this clutch in their stores for quite some time now. They also have it in bronze. I am definitely grabbing this during the sale!
Feathers? Bangles? How about feathered bangles?? Ultra-chic!

The most beautiful couch I have ever seen!
Yes, we were all treated to one bag of our choice from that couch and this is what I went home with. I LOVE IT!!!!
Thank you Accessorize and Bloggers United for the invite!

The Accessorize ALL ABOUT BAGS Sale starts this October 31-November 30, 2011 (my birthday! :) Ladies 50% off!!!!

ps. bring extra money for Christmas shopping! They also have the cutest gadget cases, lipglosses, earrings, etc. Perfect as gifts this Christmas!


Delicious cupcakes! ^-^
D said…
WOW!!! I wish I was there! I also have tons of Accessorize posts. hehe :)
Gie said…
ndi pa rin ako makagetover sa face mo!:)) pretty super!!:)cant wait for ur outfit shot w/ the bag!
Unknown said…
nice choice! kaloka ang bag sale!
thestyleflux said…
What a great event! too bad I missed it! :)

mestizay said…
Kalurky the bags! I like the envelope clutch too!
HAHA I can feel your excitement girl! LOL They have some great items! I would be ecstatic too!!! Glad you scored some great stuff! Wonderful event! :D
Love everything from Accessorize!! ♥ Definitely gonna visit their store one of these days! It was great to see you, Sarah! So pretty.

there are tons of nice pieces at Accessorize but i find their merchandise to be a bit expensive.

those are cute cupcakes! :D
Chyrel Gomez said…
i agree, they have a lot of good stuff in accessorize but sometimes, it's a bit too pricey.

the bags are all lovely, too.
Lauren said…
It was nice seeing you at the Accessorize event! Let's have that sewing party one of these days. :D