Bioessence Celebrates 17 Years!

A giant in the skin care industry, Bioessence recently celebrated their 17th Anniversary a few weeks ago.

The event was held in their Connecticut, Greenhills branch and a bunch of bloggers were invited to experience Bioessence's pampering skills, first hand.

We were asked to drop our business cards in a fish bowl for the raffle:

Upon entry, I was immediately greeted and attended to by the staff of Bioessence. They have a special gift of making you feel relaxed and right at home. <3

I was taken on a grand tour of the place:

The interiors of Bioessence are very clean, calm and relaxing despite the riot from all the bloggers present and eager to try their services! :)

They have private rooms, couple rooms and "barkada rooms" which feature light therapy as a bonus! You may choose the color lighting that best suits your mood.

A lot us took advantage of the free nail art service that day:

Most of us got glittered nails! Very disco! I love :)
Here are some pics of me and my blog friends during the event:
Angel and Ana
Me and Ana (sorry I look super stressed, I just arrived from Makati which is ironic because Connecticut is very near me pero ganyan talaga! SOmetimes na nga lang near me ang event, ako pa lumayo! :P) Anyway, all that stress was wiped away from my face as soon as I got the Bioessence treatment which consisted of a back massage, diamond peel and nail art! :)
The happy and accomodating staff of Bioessence!

Thank you Bioessence for an unforgettably relaxing afternoon among friends!

17 years in the industry and 51 branches (nationwide)later and Bioessence is still going strong despite all the new competition sprouting around. A true pioneer, Bioessence delivers excellent service at reasonable prices.

To make an appointment or inquiry, contact Bioessence at 0918-8BEAUTY


Gellie Abogado said…
Cute nail art, Sarah :)
I love those nails. xxoo