Birthday Giveaway Series 3 - Celeteque Giveaway!

Nothing beats having clear and youthful looking skin! So for the 3rd installment of my birthday giveaway series, I am sharing with you the gift of beautiful skin!

I have personally tried Celeteque's Dermoscience line and I can attest that this new formulation of products really works wonders. Thank you to Unilab, they were generous enough to provide P1000 worth of Celeteque products to 1 lucky reader!

  1. Must be a follower of my blog through GFC (google friend connect)
  2. Like Celeteque's FB Page HERE and HERE
  3. Leave a comment with your name and email address so I can contact you if you win.
That's It! Winner will be drawn via This giveaway ends on Nov. 30, 2011

Good Luck!

Don't forget about my 2 other ongoing giveaways! Click links to enter :)


Maria said…
Hi sarah!
Done steps 1 and 2
Maria Eleazar

Happy birthday Love.
Marie Castro said…
Followed blog. Like 2 Celeteque's page.

Marie Castro
Paulyn Dela Cruz
Gillette said…
Hi Ms. Eggplant! I have joined your contest and my name is Gillette Misola and you can contact me at

Happy Birthday :)

Lette's Haven
Janine M. said…
Happy birthday!

Janine Monasterial
ninmonster at rocketmail dot com

Awesome series! :D
Elaine said…
Already a follower! Liked Celeteque's page on facebook!

Tina Elaine Resuello
♥ mia said…
step 1 and 2 done :)

Mia Diola
christine said…
Christine Banayat
Mary Gine Javier
done with the steps :))

Esmeralda Marteja
Lei said…
Eeek I want! :)

Leah Gonzalez
miha.ela said…
step 1 and 2 done :)

mihaela pojogu
mihaela.mihordea at gmail dot com
Issa said…
Advance happy birthday! Done steps 1 and 2

GFC: Issa
FB: Issa Chavez
doroffee said…
Hi! I follow you as doroffee and I follow Celeteque via fb as Dorottya Zsófia Bacsi :). If the giveaway is international, I'm in :).
arra said…

gfc: arra
facebook: Arra Morta

Thank you!
farjah said…
Hi I just stumble upon from other blog and want to have a connection through blog hopping. I ask permission from you that I am leaving a link/s here in your comment box for my back-link. By the way I have joined your GFollow, you can guest post or post an article/s in my blog and I will provide a back-link for you directly to your blog/site my blog is just new with PR2 feel free to visit me soon.
Royce said…
Thanks fort he giveaway .
I am a gfc follower and like you on fb

roycedavids at gmail dot com
honeylee a. del rosario

*mae* said…

Name: Shirley Mae Tabora
Email: sm_yboa[at]yahoo[dot]com
cham said…
Done! :)
Charmaine Cuartero
eaturbanana at gmail dot com
Michelle "Micai" Panganiban
RheA said…
Happy birthday!

Yey for this giveaway.

Rhea Suzette B. Mocorro and

TGIF Malaysia said…
GFC: TGIF Malaysia
fb liked: TGIF Malaysia
thian said…
GFC: thian
Facebook: Shin Thian
madjewelled said…
jewel delacruz
Happy bday!!!!!! ;)))
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday! :)
Tanya Santiago
FB username: Svetlanisophies
Jessie♡ said…
Name:Jessiemer Abing
mitchyweech said…
Name: Michelle Lalic
GFC: cel
Fb: Mitch Lalic
Czarina said…
Happy Birthday

Czarina M. Garcia
enCHAnted said…
Yay!! WOw!! Im a fan of Celeteque as well. Lately, I noticed that pimples are building up on my back so, I used their Back Acne Spray and in two weeks, the pimples lessen though my skin in that area peeled off. I guess that means it is really working on my skin. :)) Hopefully, the pimples will be gone soon.

I hope I win.
Charisse Hementera

Advance Happy Birthday!! xoxo
Aya said…
Name: Ayana Grace Sison
GFC nam: Aya
Email: codenameaya(at)gmail(dot)com

Thanks for this giveaway, Sarah!!! Happy birthday :D
Nicolette said…
I love celeteque!:)

Nicolette Anne Yambao

Lilli Abatayo said…
GFC Name: Lilli Abatayo
did all the steps :)

rebloged it:
Crystal Chan said…
hi did steps 1 and 2 :3

Crystal Gale Delos Santos

advance happy birthday :3
magz13 said…
Hi Im joining!:)
done liking pages of Celeteque .
GFC: Agnes DC

Name: Agnes Dela Cruz
mhoie1325 said…
Hi! Joined! Count me in!

Did steps 1 & 2. :)

Elinor Semira
MiLulu said…
Done all:
Name/FB name: Olesia Flegka
GFC: Lulu
email: redalepou(at)yahoo(dot)com
leilani said…
thank you for the super easy mechanics!!!

leilani c.sonza
GFC: leilani
ghoent said…
hi sarah! happy birthday! done with the steps. =)

ghoent rodriguez
ne-knopka said…
did all!
FB-anna ku


anna_k67 at yahoo dot com
veta said…
i am joining
name: venos monato
marilena maftei said…
GFC: marilena maftei
FB: marilena maftei
Emal: mary_len25 at yahoo dot com
Thank you!
Carla said…
GFC: Carla Cruz
FB: Carla Cruz
Mai said…
Name: Mariel Anne B. Pardo
camille quiambao
gfc notyourordinaryteacher
fb vintagekawaii onlineshop
Sheynn said…
Lady Shayne Yap
I'm Apple said…
apple anonuevo
iam super said…
nina morfe
Rica said…
Ricalyn Sicad
Mica said…
Hello Ms. Sarah! I joined this giveaway. Thank you to you and Celeteque :)

mica torres
Jen said…
Jen Destura
tin advincula said…
Christina Advincula
Christine said…
Christine Frencillo

Thanks, hope to win!! :)
wow!! thanks again!!

GCF: anschluss_phau23
FB name: Paula Palo Panlaqui
eia said…
Those who share their blessings will be blessed. Happy happy birthday :) May you have a very wonderful life <3

Kezia Faith S. Rabaya
Graceelicious said…
Done with the steps :)

Divine Grace Bongolan
GFC: Graceelicious

God Bless! :)
Kim Sabala said…
Happy birthday! I followed all instructions :)

Name: Kimberly Sabala
Anonymous said…
Tricia Manato
Chuchu said…
Chuchu Abayon

Happy Birthday! :)
Kara Rita said…
Same birth month! Yey! :)

Name: Kara Rita
Anonymous said…
gfc follower as salmoncat
liked celeteque's fb page as salmon cat

Anonymous said…
elaine chua
ju cruz said…
following you on gfc
GFC Name: ju cruz

real name: marjulis cruz
email address:

i also love celeteque. havent tried dermoscience yet though.
Lyn said…
Erlinda Sicad
Lyn said…
Erlinda Sicad
i am certified said…
Happy Birthday!! Hope I'll win :)

Dara Asinas
Name: Maria Lorwina S. Tongco

Happy birthday in advance :)
name: Wilhelmina C. Balondo
Shaira Gonzales said…
Name: Shaira Gonzales
Email address:
akiakat15 said…
Katherine Sicat
name: Alleyson Laurice R. Rabino
email address:
ayenahmariel said…
gfc: ayenahmariel
name: Mariel Mangubat
Follower here..:)

Liked Celeteque's FB page..

Name: Mickey Grafane

Thank you so much for the great giveaways! Advance Happy Birthday and more power! :D

Bachuchay said…
done with the steps

Marinette Nama
11gHiEsZeLLe07 said…
Name: Gizzele Alfonso
gfc: 11ghieszelle07
Joining!! :)

Analyn Alonsagay
GFC : analyn
Follow you through Bloglovin' : Analyn Alonsagay
email :
France said…
France Navarro
Joanne said…
Advance Happy Birthday Ms. Sarah and thanks for this giveaway. :)

Name: Joanne Maryrose S. Olaes
Email Address:
colin♥ said…
name: jhoanna marie signio
Cheska D. said…
Francheska Dalapa

CD xx
Charlene B. said…
happy birthday! :D

Name: Charlene Bianes

thanks for the giveaway :)
applerozeanne said…
I joined! :)

Name: Apple Rozeanne Mercado
oasisgurl said…
Happy Birthday!

Chery Rose G. Semillano
nicky14 said…
hi,. this coming november 30 is my birthday..! hope i will win.!

Anonymous said…
Name: Tanya Santiago
GFC: Tanya Santiago
Email Add:
KriziaLazaro said…
Name: Krizia Lissa Lazaro
E-mail address:

Advance happy Birthday, Ms. Sarah! Hugs and kisses!
pai espina said…
gfc: pai espina
already liked celeteque's fb page
my fb page is:
name: percel espina
angelica said…
name:Angelica Nunag
Mary Jay Javier said…
Done! :)

Mary Jay Javier
allyssa clutario said…
Allyssa Clutario
Anonymous said…
I've been using celeteque for the past months in replacement for my daily facial wash, moisturizer and toner and indeed, i can attest that it really do its job! it works wonder on my skin! :-)

Name: Desiree de Jesus
Email Address:
tere said…
happy birthday

teresa hundana
ariane may said…
Happy Birthday!!!May all wishes come true!

ariane may nalicat
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday! God bless you more :)

Joining your contest. Follow your blog using my twitter account lu bernardo and liked celeteque from way back last year I think :)

Marilou Sawit
Jazzy Jaz said…
Happy birthday! I'm joining! =)

Jaja Borja-Laure
Hollie said…
Wow! a very generous giveaway!
Happy Birthday Sarah!

Name: April Hollie Damaolao
Felisa ♥ said…
Felisa May Tan
Rolly said…
Full Name: Rolly P. Nuñez
Email Address:
GFC name: Rolly P. Nunez
Mars Gemilga said…
Name: Marcel Gemilga
GFC and FB Name: Mars Gemilga
Email Ad:

Wow! Bongga talaga ang birthday. Thanks for the giveaways.
I'm joining your giveaway again! Yay. hope i could win this time :)
Eloisa Co

BTW, happy bday Ms. Sarah!
Sammy Samson said…
Rosemarie Samson

More Power! :D
AteeNadj Nadj said…
Name: Najma Mohamad
GFC: AteeNadj Nadj
Gweny said…
Please count me in!

Name: Gwen del Carmen
Email: gwendelcarmen at gmail dot com
Done steps 1 and 2.

Happy birthday, and more power to you and your blog! Thanks for sharing with us your blessings. :)
sapphirebelle said…
name: noemi cervantes
done all steps...=)
goodluck everyone
jaz said…
Full Name: Jaziel Oliveros
Email Address:
Carol Ong said…
Name: Carol Ong
email Address:
jhessica said…
fb;jhessica recto
thank u
Trish said…
Trisha Caranto
Chinay said…
GFC: Chinay
Name: Lissa Pavia
Mizi said…
Happy Birthday:))

GFC: mizi_heatherfield
FB name: Mizi Sarte
Email Address:
Angel Sagrado said…
GFC: Angel Sagrado
FB name: Angel Sagrado
Email Address:
Barbs said…
GFC: Barbara Arguelles
Name: Barbara Arguelles
Jeanine said…
Jeanine Puno
Karen said…
GFC - Ken Tuazon
Name - Karen Tuazon
email -
liz said…
Super Yayness ! I am so excited with this giveaway. I would like to participate in it.
Anw i am totally follower through Google Friend Connect name liz.
I already fan of Celeteque in FB name doki doki co :)

Much Thankies for the chance dear
Good luck for me

ricalyn said…
name: Ricalyn Sicad
-iRa said…
Advance Happy birthday! :)

Name: Ira Vanessa O. Gemilga
Email add:

Followed you and Celeteque..

Thank You!
Alta Infante said…
GFC name: Alta Infante
FB name: Aletha Jane Infante
email: alta.infante(at)yahoo(dot)com
mera said…
already a follower,done steps 1 and 2

gfc: mera
name:amera hassana musa

advance happy birthday dear!!:)
lailalaila said…
name: laila lantaca

i've done steps 1,2, and 3.
riza said…
Name: Neriza Bianes
email: erinza_08(at)yahoo(dot)com
fb name: Neriza Bianes

thanks =)
Eileen said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eileen said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
jengPOT said…
Name: Jane Frances M. Sevilla
Bec said…
Enter me!

Name: Bec San Diego
Email: purplewhyt[at]yahoo[dot]com
Jeemah Villaverde
gfc: jem
Twitter: @jem_villaverde

Did everything! :)
RABS2010 said…
Rochelle Anne B. Solis
Melissa Camacho said…
Hi there!
Done with the steps 1 and 2

Name: Melissa Camacho
Alyson said…
Alyson Ting
Allyzon Mae said…
Allyzon Mae S. Sabio
dindi said…
dindi delos santos
Gflores said…
Mary Grace Flores
Gift Princess said…
GFC: Gift

liked Celeteque on FB: Gift Princess Quillopa Goden
Mayee said…
Thank you for being so generous!! :)

Merlinda Manalo ;)
JoannaPeralta said…
Happy Bday!:) Godbless!
name: Joanna Marie Peralta
email : (twitter,fb,google)

Followed all your instructions.:)
Hope that I will win! *finger's crossed*
JoannaPeralta said…
Happy Bday!:) Godbless!
name: Joanna Marie Peralta
email : (twitter,fb,google)

Followed all your instructions.:)
Hope that I will win! *finger's crossed*
daryl ygnacio said…
Daryl Angela Ygnacio
Eloisa Frances said…
All done :)
Yey! Hope I win this :)

Eloisa Frances Castro

Advance Happy Birthday Ms. Sarah! :) We love you :)
Stuckwith3 said…
thank you for this:) this is the only brand i use on my skin. i wanna try their new products! please let me win :))

erica yu-bonifacio

wow advance happy burpday ms. sarah!
ciara bitonga said…
Celeteque <3

Ciara Bitonga

hope I win :)) Happy birthday !
Eileen said…
Happy Birthday. Fingers crossed hope I win this, it would make me so happy :)

name: Eileen Laudit
Jessamer Abing said…

Name Jessamer Abing

ty! :)
Wonder Woman said…
GFC: Wonder Woman
FB: Angeline Rodriguez
France Irish said…
GFC: France Irish
Facebook: France Irish C

Kimberly said…

followed you via GFC-->Kimberly
Liked Celeteque's FB Page

name: kimberly calub
email: kimberly0703(at)yahoo(dot)com

advance happy birthday dear! ♥♥♥
Costin Daniela said…
Hi from France! Fingers crossed that i'll be one of the lucky winners. :D

1. GFC: Costin Daniela
2. Facebook : Danyela Costin
3. Email:

Thanks for the giveaway!
Anonymous said…
Ella Gener
jen said…
Happy Birthday and Congrats with your awesome blog!

Already a follower (Jeny Gangan) and a fan of Celeteque =)

Name and FB Username: Jeniffer Gangan
Email add: jeny_gangan(at)yahoo(dot)com
Pikletka said…
gfc: Pikletka
fb: Martyna K.
kristina marie said…
Kristina Marie Letada

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