I was invited to the Boardwalk Eat Play Blog Event last 11-11-11. It was held at Ming Restaurant in Tektite. The event was held to launch Boardwalk's latest personal shopper program as well as to promote this year's Run For Pasig River on November 20, 2011.

My tablemates and event buddies:
I'm sure you all know them by now, there's Pax, Ana and Angel plus our new friend Anton (from whom I also grabbed a few pictures from for this post)

And there's Anton again, who's only 17 and a rare breed of male fashion blogger.

Upon arrival, we were immediately handed laptops and requested to do "live blogging" on the event in Boardwalk's blog site.

Afterwards, we were presented with an AVP explaining both their new personal shopper program and the Run For Pasig River event. Look it's Papa Jake! :P (gush...hahaha)

The hosts of the event:

The people of Boardwalk had several games lined up for the bloggers. The first was to group ourselves according to number, choose a team leader, pick a model from the hat, and style them using Boardwalk's clothes. We were also given a pair of scissors and free reign to do whatever we wanted with the clothes.

I was chosen to be team leader and the girl in blue was our model. I decided to deconstruct a Boardwalk shirt to make it stand out, also ripped apart a pair of pants to turn into a turban and instant accessories cause there was none available to us. The contest was judged by the event hosts and Avel Bacudio of MEGA Fashion Crew. Guess what? We won the challenge! We got to take home some GC's for that! woot!

On the flip side, some of Boardwalk's in-house stylists were asked to choose several bloggers to style. Bea chose me and made me wear this:

Yes, I know, sorry about the hair. It was in a bun the entire time and I was asked to let it down for this. You know how it is when that happens, I looked like a lion, in a pathetic effort to tame it down, I ran to the bathroom and wet it....
Anyway, also was given some GC's for this, plus I got to take home everything that was on me!

Then comes the most awesome part, all the bloggers got to shop an entire outfit from head to toe for free!

Yes, kaguley! :P

Once everything settled down, a drinking game followed which I chose not to partake in since I had a lot of sewing to do for Style Swap the following day...

semi What I Wore with Angel:

I forgot to take an outfit post :P

It was another fun event! Fruitful too! Look what I got to take home with me:

Aside from the GC's I also got to take home 2 shopping bags brimming with Boardwalk Merchandise as well as a custom fit pair of Jeans from Avel which I have yet to receive . Really excited about that!!! :)

Boardwalk is revamping with a new set of younger and hipper designers but still their prices remain very reasonable. My tribal sandals can attest to that and would you believe they cost less than P1000?

Visit their online catalog HERE

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Mary Ann said…
wow, dami dami loots! ^^ hihi. Love the dress that you got to wear too! ^^
sugar sugar said…
you look amazing dear! :) yay for goodies! :D
Anonymous said…
love the dress! ganda din ng blue top mo!

toni perfumed red shoes
D said…
What? Less than 1k? That's a great deal alright! :) Looks like a very fun event. :)
Kaleido Mind said…
looks like so much fun:D
Anonymous said…
I can't believe you got to take home an entire outfit for free. I'm jealous! :]

Lots of love, B
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Bongga this event, Sarah!!! So happy that you guys were able to take home great stuff from head to toe!!! ♥ Btw, love how you styled the girl. You deserve to win!

Wonder Woman said…
LOVED this event. For numerous reasons. ;) You should have had shots with us, though! Cornyyy! :p

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. said…
i love love love your blog !
pretty cool :D come and visit my blog
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have a nice day (Ryan)
Teng said…
Hi, I just found your blog from topblogs and it seems so cool :)

following you :)
hahahh the "lion" thing you've said, it made me smile. I'm a lion too :) gorgeous you lurve lurve your blue top.
What an awesome event! Congratulations on the WIN! You ladies and gents had a wonderful time. Love it! :D
Aie Corpuz said…
Oh I missed the fun! I was down with colds kase! I'm better na so go go go na ulit! lol! Miss you!