Meet Our New Baby!

Last Sunday, my mom gave Nikola the best surprise a kid could ever receive, a new puppy! <3

Guys, I'd like you to meet Daisy :)

Daisy is a 2 month old, black and white large type shih tzu! Like what my friend said, a zebra dog! lol!
So please forgive me if I loose my focus a bit in the next few days...I'll be busy tending to this little ball of happiness!

It is so refreshing seeing my daughter run around playing and laughing hysterically with her new puppy. In this day and age of technology, itouches and ipads, I think our kids need something like this to make them enjoy what childhood is really about. It's sad to think about the possibility of them not really having an "active" childhood to reminisce about when they get older. What's there to remember? The games they downloaded and played by themselves inside our living rooms? I'm really thankful that my mom decided to give Nikola the gift of love, compassion, responsibility and friendship through Daisy <3.
That's something an iPad can't provide!

ps. watch out for the next leg of my birthday giveaway series, it's gonna be huge! (bonggels! trust me :)

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Carla said…
SOOOOOOO CUTE! I want that ball of fur for myself! :3 Is she a shihtzu? :)
Gellie Abogado said…
Hello Daisy you're so cute!!! :D
Pets are soooo great for children. It teaches them so much. Daisy is the cutest! Enjoy her. Wishing you a great day!
Anupriya DG said…
Awwwwww....look at that cute li'l ball of fur! You all must be so excited!! :)
Sweet said…
awww such a cute dog.... we just got a new dog as well...but its not as cute as this one...hahahaha!!!!

Fluffy and cuddly...

I miss you babe...I miss hanging around your blog and reading your posts....I will be back darling...

pretty dog. pets are better than gadgets. it teaches our children to be responsible in many different ways. glad Nikola has her moving toy already :)
ROXY said…
super cuuuute! i want one too :D haha lol ! Hi nikola :))
Hello, Daisy!!!! :"> You'll be famous in Sarah's blog! Hahaha so happy for Nikola! Yay to your new baby!

cuteness ng puppy!! ganda ng gradiation ng black hair then white then black!
Janine M. said…
I so agree with you about children having nice memories of childhood apart from consoles and gadgets... Hey there Daisy! :D
Vega said…

SOOOOOOO adorable!!

<3 Vega