TOMS Kids Style Your Sole Event

Last week, my daughter and I headed off to Krispy Kreme at Bonifacio High Street for some mother-daughter bonding care of TOMS.

Thanks to Jules and TOMS, my daughter was one of the few lucky kids chosen to "Style Their Soul":
As soon as we entered, Nikola was fitted with her perfect size of TOMS:
So cute!
We headed off to one of the craft tables to gather supplies so Nikola could start personalizing her new pair of TOMS!
While busy at work, the friendly staff at Krispy Kreme served as a box of 6 original glazed donuts, our family's favorite flavor :)
Nikola busy at work:
while pretending to be a "baby blogger" with her iTouch! :P
As soon as she was satisfied with the placement of her embellishments, we dropped her shoes off again at the craft table so they could permanently attach them with hot glue:
some of the other kids at the craft table:

Happy with her new sparkly shoes!

Nikola doing "the cross-over!" LOL!

The TOMS Style Your Soul event was a fun-filled afternoon for me and Nikola. <3

Great news peeps, if you'd like to personalize your own pair of TOMS too, check out this POST. TOMS has a lot of activities planned this season for all of their loyal customers :)

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Hay napakacute ni Nicolaaaaa!! :))) Babysitter you need? Haha!! See you soon Sarah! :)
Awww such a cute kid! Lalo na with the "cross-over". Lol! Are you gonna bring her sa BU2? ☺ See you!!!

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Nikola is too cute! What a SUPER FUN event! TOM's is great and I love Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Tell Nikola her shoes are really cute and she did a great job. Glad you two enjoyed yourselves. Wonderful post.
Megann Monday said…
I was supposed to check this event out 'cos my friend covered the whole thing. Sayang I wasn't able to drop by! Nicola's so cuuuuuute!! Please bring her to BU 2! :> I wanna meet you both. This is such a fun activity ah! :D Talagang enjoy ang mga kiddies! :)

♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY
rothcomilitary said…
That's too good to know about this kind of blog.I really like this blog.This is really informative and I will for sure refer my friends the same. Thanks.
OMG so fun!!!:) I wish Athan and I can have the same mother and son blogging event!
Eileen said…
Your daughter is so adorable, such a cute smile :)
Wonder Woman said…
This is so cute! I wish Syrena was old enough for stuff like this na. And her shoes are sooo nice! Parang hindi kid yung gumawa. I'm very impressed!
Chyrel Gomez said…
Ang cute talaga ni Nikola and Happy Birthday, Sarah! :)
Kaleido Mind said…
LOVE how the girls decorated their toms--so adorable!
MJC said…
she is sooo cute! :)
Issa said…
ang cute ni Nikola! she also created a very cute pair! :)