Be DIVAlicious! FREE styling/blogging Workshop!

Wanna attend an event with me?

M2 Fashions, the company behind Accessorize bring you DIVA.
DIVA is a new brand of accessories that will cater to a younger generation of fashionistas (teens 15 - 19).
DIVA will be holding a FREE styling and blogging workshop on Novemeber 7, 4-6pm at Alabang Town Center for all you teens out there, and I need a little sister for the day to sort of "mentor" :P naks!
(...don't mind the poster date, it was re-scheduled for Nov.7! :)

So are you ready to be DIVAlicios???

to enter you must be:

  1. 15 - 20 years old
  2. Like Love Diva page on Facebook
  3. Must be a follower of my blog thru GFC (Google Friend Connect)
  4. Share this contest promo on your blog. (Send the link)
  5. Leave a comment with your email address and tell me why I should pick you.
Best answer WINS! I will be picking 2 (two) winners to accompany me. So excited to meet you and spend the day with you! It's gonna be lots of fun! :)


Leah said…
Ah I'm above the age limit but this is cool! :)
Unknown said…
Hi Ms. Sarah! :) I want to attend to DIVA BLOGGERS CAMP with you because as a growing teenager I know it takes a lot to learn more about fashion and through this I'm sure I'll be able know more about the fashion, trends and styles of today's generation. It will also help me to develop my personality.
this one's so cool! how i wish im just around up north >.<
Mica said…
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Mica said…
Hi Ms. Sarah! I just shared this on my blog, and I really really reaaalllyyy hope you could take me with you there because I live in the South and its seldom that events like these happen in places within my reach. I have long wanted to attend something like this. Also, my review for the CPA boards starts soon so it would be really nice if I get to attend a workshop like this before my brain gets whacked and I get really busy with the review. Thank you for reading! My email ad is

Here's the link of my blog post:

PS. I'll be celebrating my birthday this November, and I'm gonna be turning 21, but by the 8th, I'm still 20, so I'd like to think that I was meant to go :)
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
Hello, I will be honest. Fashion is one of my frustrations, but I do love dressing up. That may sound a bit contradicting but what I mean to say is I don't really follow trends because I am still a student and I don't have a lot of income to keep on buying clothes when new favorites land in the market. To add to that, I don't know what my personal style is yet so it's quite difficult for me to pick clothes for my wardrobe. Hopefully I could attend this workshop, since it is a great opportunity for me to learn more about styling myself and other people. It would be great to have a little background on styling since it is one of my dreams to open an online boutique!

As to blogging, I could say I am really passionate about it. I opened up a blog to share what I love most- beauty and makeup, fashion (still learning more about it though) and giving advice to girls who share the same interests as I do. The whole workshop will also be one of the hopefully many highlights of my blogging experience. I am most willing to experience a lot in the future.

Thank you so much for this opportunity, Ms. Sarah!

Christina Fermin, 19

PS: I had to delete my previous comments because I kept on posting the wrong link. Hehe. Thanks again!
mestizay said…
can i pretend to be 20 sarah?!haha
I'll just drop by to see you and kookie!:)
Shasie said…
How cute! About time there was a rival for Claire's!
Shasie of Live Life in Style