What I Wore Today: Cut-Out Shoulders + Maxi

First off, I'd really like to thank everyone for bearing with me and supporting me despite the poor quality of my photos. Dennis is my only photographer and he's not really into photography so it's mostly really a struggle. Maybe i'll buy me a tripod and a remote this Christmas.

Also, this photo was taken some weeks ago after the I Love Diva event which was a lot of fun but really hot. The aircon wasn't working yet and there were like 50 bloggers all squeezed into that 50sq.m (im guessing) boutique.

What I'm wearing: cut-out shoulder dress worn as a top from Summersault, Dandy Threads Maxi, Belt c/o Memo, Mikka Padua Clutch available through Chicify

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I love the maxi skirt's color!! ♥ And your clutch! Great outfit, Sarah!!

belle said…
Yes for the tripod and remote! At least you don't need to bother anyone na... Love the skirt and top!
I've got the tripode ....very easy , and I'm independent ...

nice outfit

ciao ave
You look AMAZING!!! Love the maxi skirt and cut out top on you. Beautiful! :D
Chyrel Gomez said…
Yes to tripod and remote. If I visit Manila, we'll take a lot of photos. Promise.
sugar sugar said…
you look great sis! :) love the top!
Emily said…
You are ADORABLE. I'm in love with your top. The cutouts are gorgeous. And the white looks stunning against your pretty tan skin! I adore the leopard print belt too. And that color block clutch is amazing!

Shasie said…
These photos look really great! I love the color-block clutch
Shasie of Live Life in Style