What I Wore Today: Paisley Danish Slippers

wearing: Chambray shirt and shorts from Greenhills, Crop top from Penshoppe, Clutch by Mikka Padua and Danish Loafers/ SLippers c/o Paisley (both available through Chicify)

on a side note, I just have to special mention that I love these loafers. They are so comfy and the fact that they're multi-color and braided, they just go with almost everything in my closet. Thinking of getting the other color too :P

And, we're back to regular programming! As much as I enjoy attending events and writing about them, there are times when I just really miss doing "normal" blog posts like this one.

I find myself wearing a lot of chambray lately, I just love the laid-back effect it exudes and in my opinion, it's a more "stand-out" way of wearing denim. Although I love my jeans and I think that almost nothing beats a pair of great fitting jeans, in the blog world, it is a bit hard getting away with them in outfit posts. Only because the whole world shares the same opinion that jeans are one of fashion's miracles. Everybody wears jeans in so many ways and I think most people have mastered the blue jean look already. So in my own humble opinion, I think my readers prefer inspiration when it comes to other more unusual articles of clothing.

Of course it's whole different ball game when it comes to men. Nothing beats worn out denims, a plain white shirt and a tattered leather jacket! Wait, that would look fantastic on women too! But then again, it's hot here and I can't post the same look everyday! :P

Okay, I am rambling on. Sorry! :)

I'm gonna go, but before I do, hope you guys come to Style Swap this Saturday November 12, 2011, 1-5pm at Function Room 2, 29th floor, Union Bank Plaza, Meralco Avenue, Ortigas City. (building across Metrowalk). It's open to everyone and I'm sure it's gonna be loads of fun! I'll also be selling my skirts and turbans there. Who knows? You might even get a discount!

And lastly, I'll be unveiling the next leg of my Birthday Giveaway tonight so watch out for that! :)

In the meantime....


Mary Ann said…
=) this is almost exactly what i wore last Sunday! ^^
Issa said…
I love the look!
thestyleflux said…
Love your shoes!

Stephanie said…
Simple and sexy. Following you now :)

Love your shoes, Sarah! And I agree with the chambray, quoting you for the "totally a stand-out way of wearing denim!" ♥ Chic!

joyce aparis said…
i love your style! follow you!
I love Chambray! It looks really good on you. I also love a comfy shoe. Those colors and that pattern are awesome on you. Hope you're having a great day! :D
Chyrel Gomez said…
I love this look! So laid-back and perfect for going out with the boy. Haha! XD
i was on the lookout for the perfect chambray top and finally got one at P50 at our local thrift shop...<3 they're perfect go-to cover-ups to made a dress look more laid back...

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥
wow gizelle, saya mo naman P50? i wish there was an ukay near me! :)
chyrel: accessory na talaga ang "the boy"! hahaha
Unknown said…
BET ko talaga ang loafers!
Honey Andrade said…
lawyerdoll said…
Oooh! I adore those slippers... and they are inspiring me to pull out my purple velvet beaded ones I got in Australia Ibut made in Vietnam)