Holiday Giveaway Series 5 - 3K worth of GC's from Fia Manilla

Another day, another fabulous giveaway! 

Today, my giveaway is sponsored by Fia Manilla. Fia Manilla is a clothing label that caters to the true, modern Filipina woman who knows how to work hard and party hard at the same time. Their line features clothing that can effortlessly take you from your office conifnes to the chicest club on the block and still be able to fit in seamlessly with just the right touch of accessories.

Fia Manilla was generous enough to give away P3000 worth of gift certificates to one lucky reader! Awesome, right? Start 2012 with a brand new wardrobe or share your gc's with a loved one. <3

How To Enter:
(no cheating, I check all entries individually ;)
  1. You must be a public follower of my blog through GFC.
  2. LIKE Fia Manilla and Ms. Eggplant's Chronicles on Facebook, put this on your status: "WIN P3000 worth of gift certificates from @Fia Manilla at @Ms. Eggplant's Chronicles. Visit to enter" (make sure fia manilla and ms eggplant's chronicles are properly tagged to make your entry valid)
  3. FOLLOW Fia Manilla and Me on Twitter and tweet: "WIN Sophisticated and Fab FREE clothes with 3K worth of GC's from Fia Manilla!!! only at: @sarahtirona @fiaonlinestore"
  4. Leave a comment with your name, email adress, GFC name, tweet URL and FB status URL
(how to get URL: click on timestamp, copy and paste url)

Winner will be drawn on January 22, 2012 via

Good Luck and Happy Holidays! 



Sammy Samson said…
Sammy Samson

GFC name: Sammy Samson
Tweet URL:!/sammiisamson/status/149716456630788098

FB status URL:
Name: Camille Gonzales
GFC: Camille Gonzales
Tweet link:!/camzgonz/status/149717221600538624
Fb post link:
joanamarie said…
name: Joana Marie Heramis
email adress: GFC name: joanamarie
tweet URL:!/loveonhisarms/status/149721150434455552
FB status URL:
Anonymous said…
Cillalois Marie D. Famero
Cillalois Famero
rachelchi_beybe said…
name: Rachel Canales
email adress:
GFC name: rachelchi_beybe
tweet URL :!/rachelchi_beybe/status/149728059052924928
FB status URL:
Mitch Sazon said…
Michelle Sazon
GFC Name and email: Mitch (
FB stat:
Zie said…
Fritzie Castro Yabut
Fritzie Yabut!/zeeyab/status/149738295977459713
amity ong said…
name: Amity Ong
email adress:
GFC name: Amity Ong

tweet URL!/amity225/status/149755031049084928

FB status URL
mhoie1325 said…
name: Ma. Elinor Semira
email adress: elinorsemira0124(at)gmail(dot)com
GFC name: Elinor Semira
tweet URL:!/mhoie1325/status/149767598446358528
FB status URL:
abigail ong said…
abigail ong
GFC abigail ong
name: Alleyson Laurice R. Rabino
email adress:
GFC name: Alleyson Laurice
tweet URL:!/alleysonlaurice/status/149791272134127617
FB status URL:
leilani said…
Thank you!!

Leilani Sonza
GFC: leilani sonza
Ayette said…
Name: Harriet Gonzales
GFC: ayette008
Twitter url:!/missayette/status/149798799596990464
Fb status url:
ayenahmariel said…
name: Mariel Mangubat
email address:
GFC name: ayenahmariel
tweet URL:!/ayenahmariel/status/149800407856713728
FB status URL:
Anonymous said…
ma. christie calata
gfc: salmoncat!/salmoncat/status/149802415770710016
Gweny said…
Gwen del Carmen
gwendelcarmen at gmail dot com
Red's Mom!/ijssel08/status/149810635436343296
Anonymous said…
Eunise Labarda
GFC: eunise!/eunisyoe/status/149813591049125890
Krystal Pearl said…
Krystal Pearl Braga
GFC name: Krystal Pearl

tweet url:!/itahl/status/149822774960074752

fb url:
Kristine M. Pangantihon
GFC: Kistine M. Pangantihon

tweet url:

FB url:
magz13 said…
name: Agnes Dela Cruz
GFC: Agnes DC

tweet link:!/magz_dc/status/149841297342087168

fb link:
name:Honey Rose Sambrano
email add:
GFC name: stubbornhoney

tweet URL:!/stubbornhoney/status/149850093531574273

FB status URL:!/stubbornhoney/posts/133686383413122
Kath said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kath said…
Name: Katherine Rose Rivera
GFC: Kath

Twitter URL:!/Kathneko/status/149852999630594049

Aykulith :) said…
name: Aiko Orcilla
email adress:
GFC name: Aykulith

tweet URL:!/aykulith/status/149857954273832960

FB status URL:
Marie Castro said…
Marie Danicia B. Castro
GFC: Marie Castro
FB stat URL:
Tweet URL:!/mariebiskwet/status/149858454205501440
Anonymous said…
name: Elaine Chua
email adress: elainecutey(at)yahoo(dot)com
GFC name: Elaine Chua
tweet URL:!/JCnQT/status/149858943492030464
FB status URL:
lailalantaca said…
name: laila lantaca
email adress:
GFC name: laila lantaca
tweet URL:!/lailalantaca/status/149886892840722433
FB status URL:
jen said…
Jeniffer Gangan
GFC: Jeny Gangan
jhanebibe said…
Name: Jhane Ayon
Email address:
GFC name: jhane
Tweet URL:!/wafflessssss/status/149923982840303616
FB status URL:
just tututiny said…
You are so beautiful my dear, I love all the dresses!

Happy Holidays!
marge888 said…
Name : Margaret S. Chan
email :
FB name : Margaret Chan
twitter : compromise88!/compromise88/status/149998037601755137
Angel Sagrado said…
name: Angel Sagrado
email adress: GFC name: Angek Sagrado
tweet URL:!/angel_salupa/status/150028451758354432
and FB status URL:
ju cruz said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roxanne said…
Name: Roxanne Limpante
Email Add:
GFC: Roxanne
Tweet URL:!/roxiebruxie/status/150032296903311360
FB URL:!/roxanne.limpante/posts/198110793612117
ju cruz said…
im pushing my luck and crossing my fingers to win another giveaway. :)

marjulis d. cruz
gfc ju cruz
posted on fb

happy holidays! :)
Anonymous said…
Name:Regine Pamittan Gapasin
GFC:Regine G.
fb post:
madjewelled said…
jewel dela cruz
gfc madjewel
naturaloveshop at gmail dot com!/naturaloveshop/status/150073127609700352
madjewelled said…
jewel dela cruz
gfc madjewel
naturaloveshop at gmail dot com!/naturaloveshop/status/150073127609700352
Zelle ♥ said…
name, email adress, GFC name, tweet URL and FB status URL

name Hazel Uri
email hazeluri(at)yahoo(dot)com
gfc Zelle ♥
tweet url!/halfunread/status/150081262512640001
fb status url
ning said…
name: luningning arabiran
email address:
GFC name: luningning
tweet URL:!/yingying27/status/150156683031744512

FB status URL:!/luningning.arabiran/posts/118953898222756
GFC Name: Mei Santiago
Name: Mei Santiago

FB Post;

kastinemartin said…
Name: Kastine Justine Martin

E-mail add:

GFC name: kastine martin

Tweet URL:!/kastinemartin/status/150170946362277890

FB status URL:
maebel chan said…
Maebel Chan
GFC: Lindt Maebel

FB post:

ence said…
name Eunice Chua
email adress
GFC name ence
tweet URL!/GlimpseOfEnce/status/150260192263684097
FB status URL
Mica said…
name: Mica Torres
email address:
GFC name: Mica Torres
tweet URL:!/micimicx/status/150288124327636993
FB status URL:

Thanks for another amazing giveaway! :D
Joy Merced said…
Name: Lovely Joy Merced
GFC: Joy Merced

FB: Joy Merced

Twitter: @joyluck_614!/Joyluck_614/status/150355495893467137

Happy holidays!
Lilli Abatayo said…
name: Lilli Elizabeth Abatayo
gfc: Lilli Abatayo
email adress:
tweet URL:!/LilliAbatayo/status/150364023198728193

FB status URL:
Jessamer Abing said…
name Jessamer Abing
email address
GFC name Jessa Abing
tweet URL!/jexxaaaaaa/status/150424186043645953
FB status URL
kim_coronel08 said…
name: K Coronel
gfc: kim_coronel08
email adress:
tweet URL:!/KCoronel08/status/150477141325262848

FB status URL:
gayle sy said…
Name: Abigail Sy
Email: abigail(dot)sy(at)chartisphils(dot)com
GFC name: gayle sy
FB link:
colanievera said…
Cola Nievera
colanievera (GFC)
It's Me DHEZ.. said…
Name: Dhez Signey
Email add:
GFC: Dhez Signey
Tweet url:!/yourDHEZtiny/status/150766286991925248
FB status url:!/dhez.v.signey/posts/344962665519044
Felisa ♥ said…
Name: Felisa May Tan
GFC: Fel
Tweet URL:!/felisamay/status/150944281903906817
FB Status URL:

Merry Christmas! ♥
Jeemah Villaverde
GFC name: Jeemah
Twitter: @jem_villaverde

tweet URL:!/jem_villaverde/status/151215246642651137

FB status URL:
Trix Reganit said…
Name: Beatrix Reganit
GFC name: Beatrix Reganit
Tweet URL:!/trixreganit/status/151268613398081537
FB status URL:
pai espina said…
name: percel espina
email adress:
GFC name: pai espina
FB post:
jhaz deuna said…
name, jhaz deuna
email adress,
GFC name, jhaz deuna
tweet URL!/wtfjhaz/status/151654369723551744

FB status URL
name: Almira de Villa
email adress:
GFC name: Number Two Lover

tweet URL:!/numbertwohere/status/151377840170999808
FB status URL:

P.S. I'm Ansherina Santos on FB :)
Frances Ong said…
Name: Frances Anne Lyn M. Ong
Email Address:
GFC Name: Frances Ong
Tweet URL:!/fffrancess/status/152014924334366720
FB status URL:
Analyn Alonsagay
GFC : Analyn
FB ;

Twitter :!/AHNNEdiwata/status/152288039517949952
Joanne said…
Happy New Year! :)

Name: Joanne Olaes
GFC: Joanne Olaes
FB Post:
Nicka D. said…
Name:Nicka Dakanay
GFC:Dorothea Kim Nicka
FB status:
Twitter status:!/nickatuchi/status/152446442177445888
Essa Polanco

gfc: Essa Armille Polanco!/TheHouseKeeperB/status/152694719867129856
Mae Cristobal said…
Name: Mae Cristobal
FB url:
-I followed your blog through Blog Lovin because I can't see the link for GFC. :'(
- the time does not appear on my tweet that's why I can't post the exact url. :(
Cam said…
Name: Alyssa Camille Gamboa
GFC: Camille Gamboa
Tweet url:!/camgamboa/status/152800237797384194
FB post URL:
Anonymous said…
GFC:patricia carino
fb post:
Eline said…
Krizia Aquino
GFC: Eline

Jamie C. Salayo said…
NAME: Jamie C. Salayo
GFC: jamiesalayo
Anonymous said…
GFC - Nina Morfe
France Irish said…
Name: France Irish Camposano
Email adress: franceirish_c(at)yahoo(dot)com
GFC name: France Irish
Tweet URL:!/franceirish/status/153386202551169025
FB status URL:
jawsmayobanico said…
Name: Jawaher M. Banico


GFC name: Jawaher Banico

Twitter: @jawsbanico (!/jawsbanico/status/153632902666649600)

FB: Jaws M. Banico (
name- charmaigne grace gepana

email adress-

GFC name- charmaigne grace

tweet URL-!/charmaignegrace/status/153651852184002561

FB status URL-
Alyson said…
name: Alyson Ting
gfc: Alyson
colin♥ said…
name: jhoanna marie signio
email adress: GFC name: colin
tweet URL:!/colinsignio/status/154131561015558145
FB status URL:
arra said…
name: Arra Morta
fb post:
tala said…
name- Crystal Marie Canete

email adress-

GFC name- crystal marie canete

tweet URL-!/dearcrysy/status/154536716735234048

FB status URL-
Mizi said…
Name: Mirzi Sarte
GFC: mizi_heatherfield
Email Address:
FB link:
Twitter Link:!/mizichic/status/154551709971132416
name, email adress, GFC name, tweet URL and FB status URL

Name:Mary Ann Sanchez Cueto
GFC: Mary Ann Sanchez Cueto
Chelx said…
Name: Michelle Talaboc
Email Add:
GFC: Michelle Talaboc
tala said…
name- Crystal Marie Canete

email adress-

GFC name- crystal marie canete

tweet URL-!/dearcrysy/status/154727281418448896

FB status URL-
Calyn said…
Ricalyn Sicad
Ricalyn Sicad!/rsicad/status/155161305114877952
Queency said…
Name:Queency Santos
GFC: Queency Santos
Tweet url:!/IamABeachComber/status/155558084591370241

fb status url:
Anonymous said…
name:Erlinda Sicad
gfc:Erlinda Sicad
facebook url:
twittername: @erlindasicad
twitter url:!/erlindasicad/status/155571914155372544
iamveeh said…
Name: Vanessa Marie B. Apal
GFC: iamveeh
iamveeh said…
Name: Vanessa Marie B. Apal
GFC: iamveeh
iamveeh said…
Name: Vanessa Marie B. Apal
GFC: iamveeh
iamveeh said…
Name: Vanessa Marie B. Apal
GFC: iamveeh
Jhazz said…
Name: Jhazz Claro
GFC: Jhazz C.
Tweet link:!/BejeweledJhazz/status/155707750230392832
Fb post link:
Tanya said…
Name: Tanya Baldovino
GFC Name: tanya
Tweet link:!/tanyainlive/status/156248177274650624
FB link:
Cat said…
Name: Cat TriviƱo
GFC: Cat
Tweet link:!/sinosicat/status/156250656414515200
Fb post link:
Eloisa Frances said…
Name: Eloisa Frances Castro
GFC Name: Eloisa Frances
Tweet URL:!/iam_fces/status/156258762410311681
FB Status URL:
name: Jerahmeel Bariso

email adress:

GFC name: jerahmeel

tweet URL :!/jhem_bariso/status/156290308471132160

FB status URL:
Kat Valdez said…
Kat Valdez

GFC: Kat Valdez
Twitter: kattvaldez
Tweet link:!/kattvaldez/status/156335355325464576

Facebook name: Katerina Valdez
FB link:
Astroboy said…
Kristine Concepcion
Issa said…
name: Norissa Chavez
email adress:
GFC name: Issa
tweet URL:!/Issachavez14/status/156374327237947392
FB status URL:
Jessamer Abing said…
name: Jessamer Abing

email address:

GFC name: Jessa Abing

tweet URL:

FB status URL:
name:Perlita Fernandez tweet URL:!/fhitsfernandez/status/156746477287387136
FB status URL:
Back to Basics said…
name: Back To Basics Bags
email adress: GFC name: Back To Basics Bags
tweet URL :!/BacktoBasicsBag/status/156977696423940098
and FB status URL:
Mary Jay Javier said…
name: Mary Jay Javier
email adress:
GFC name: maryjayjavier29
tweet URL:!/MaryJayJavier/status/156982678032359424
FB status URL:

Thank you. :)
Name:Mary Jane Francisco
Gfc Name:Mary Jane Francisco
Tweet Url:!/nik_mjf/status/156984302469517312
Fb uRL:
Name: June Izabelle R. Roque
GFC: June Izabelle
Tweet URL:!/jillroque/status/157047201711923200
Name: Kristine Joy de Vera
Email address:
GFC name: Kristine Joy de Vera
Tweet URL:!/kirsten_dayne/status/157059369979224064
FB status URL:
Quima said…
name: Quima May Renegado
email adress:
GFC name: Quima

tweet URL:!/quimrenegado/status/157104055536197632
FB status URL:
Kimberly said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
RheA said…
name: rhea suzette Mocorro
email adress: and
GFC name: rhea mocorro
tweet URL:!/jurinsthea/status/157309756439138304
FB status URL:
mayla lagrimas said…
Name :Mayla Lagrimas
GFC name:mayla lagrimas
fb name:mayla lagrimas
Crystal Cruz said…
Crystal Lagman
GFC: Crystal Cruz


riza said…
NAME: Riza Javier Llarena

GFC NAME: rizel430


TWITTER URL:!/azleko/status/157361483683086338
jean gargoles said…
Name: Jean Gargoles
GFC: Jean Gargoles
Tweet link:!/mar1e9/status/157438139907047424
Fb post link:
Keigh Jalbuena said…
Keigh Jalbuena
jalbuena dot keigh at gmail dot com
GFC name: Keigh Jalbuena
Tweet URL:!/keighjalbuena/status/157476966751154176
FB status URL:
rodawin said…
Name: rosanna concepcion
GFC:rosanna concepcion


tweet url:!/rodawin/status/157632535130669057
Name: Bea Perez
Email: beaperez0212 @ yahoo . com
GFC name: Bea Ann-Marie Perez
FB status:
Mariellen Cruz said…
Mariellen Cruz
GFC name: Mariellen Cruz

Tweet URL:!/chewybubbles/status/157707331382149122

FB status URL:
Joanna Valencia said…
Name: Joanna Valencia
GFC Name: Joanna Valencia
Twitter: @ohjoanna
Tweeted url:!/ohjoanna/status/157765773853589504
Kimberly Tiu said…
Kimberly Camille Tiu

GFC: Kim!/kimtiu37/status/157793992745041920
Esther Joy Asug said…
Esther Joy Asug

GFC:Esther Joy Asug!/EAsug/status/157839608611217412
Daisha Abrera said…
Daisha Abrera

GFC: daixa_abrera22

Tweet URL:!/daishabrera/status/157993523570933761

FB Post Link:
Ann Uy said…
Name: Ann Uy
E-mail Add:
GFC Name: Ann Uy
Twitter URL:!/ann_uy/status/158019610187284480
FB status URL:
Mayee M. said…
Name: Merlinda Manalo
GFC name: Mayee M.
Tweet URL:!/mayeel0ve/status/158033127523106816
FB status URL:
Ann said…
name Ann Lazo
email adress
GFC name Ann
tweet URL!/NLFblog/status/158036371125178369
FB status URL
Tin said…
name: Christin Marian Rocillo
email adress:
GFC name: Christin Rocillo
tweet URL:!/tin2prettysexy/status/158166624963280896
FB status URL:
Janine M. said…
Janine Monasteral
ninmonster at rocketmail dot com
GFC name: Janine M.
tweet URL:!/janinegenious/status/158173576946651136
FB status URL:
Yen said…

Name: Yen Angustia
Email Address: GFC Name: Yen
Tweet URL:!/AkoReen/status/158209842786476032

FB status URL:
Jane Sevilla said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jane Sevilla said…
NAME: Jane Frances M. Sevilla
GFC NAME: Jane Sevilla

TWEET URL:!/luvkocjeng/status/158402834398838785

FB status URL:
AVA T.♥ said…

FB: :)
aida said…
Name: Aida Villanueva
Email adress: slither1004(at)gmail(dot)com
GFC Name: aida
FB Name: Keene Slither

Tweet URL:!/slither1004/status/158494231680389120
FB status URL:

Thanks! :)
DYUBI said…
name: marie mangaliman
GFC name: marie mangaliman via twitter tinkiewinkie25
fb name: eva marie mangaliman
twitter id: tinkiewinkie25

FBstatus url -

twitter url -!/tinkiewinkie25/status/158504158381613057

Thanks and Happy New year!
agnes mabel said…
name: agnes espino
email adress:
GFC name: agnes espino
tweet URL:!/agnesespino/status/158557312452276224
FB status URL:
Pattieta said…
Pattie Cruz
email add:
GFC Name: Pattieta


Twitter: @Pattieta!/Pattieta/status/158893513340231680
jhenz balatico said…
name: jenifer balatico
email adress:
GFC name: jhenz balatico
tweet URL:!/itsme_JHENZtine/status/158909276381908992
FB status URL:
Carol Ong said…
GFC Name: Carol Ong
Name: Carolyn Ong
email Address:

Tweet Url:!/OngCarolyn/status/159041143093465090

FB Url:
grace siy said…
email adress:
GFC name: grace siy
and FB status URL:
Jessica Rondero said…
email adress:
GFC name: Jessica Rondero
and FB status URL:
Alta Infante said…
Name: Aletha
email: alta.infante(at)
GFC: Alta Infante
Name: Joss Alvarado
1. GFC follower: Irene(Josslight089)

2. I LIKE Fia Manilla and Ms. Eggplant's Chronicles on Facebook FB Status:!/permalink.php?story_fbid=349154401778899&id=100000530278008

3.FOLLOWING Fia Manilla and Sarah Tirona on Twitter!
Twitter Status:!/josslight089/status/159512692086947841
name Camille quiambao
email adress
GFC name notyourordinaryteacher
tweet URL!/quiam/status/159556439835291648
FB status URL
leilani said…
leilani sonza
GFC: leilani sonza

Thank you!!
Anonymous said…
name: Minori Hernando Castro
mail adress: GFC name: Minori ✔
tweet URL:!/Minori_Rules/status/159907574051905536
FB status URL:
Rosa Anna Canlas said…
Name. Rosa Anna Canlas
GFC name. Rosa Anna Canlas
Name. Gerilen Polon
GFC name. Gerilen Elinessete
Anonymous said…
Annalyn Laxina
Anonymous said…
Annalyn Laxina
GFC; nalyn_2!/nalyn_2/status/160149045204090880

Sheen said…
name: Sheena Mae F. Rillo
email adress:
GFC name: Sheen

tweet URL:!/SheenXin/status/160201655558746112

FB status URL:
cherie said…
name: Cherie Santos
email address:
GFC name: ccheriee
tweet URL:!/cheriesaints/status/160372824761057280
FB status URL:
Jessie Abing said…
name: Jessiemer Abing
email adress:
GFC name: Jessie Abing
tweet URL:!/JessieDCa/status/160508972070223873
FB status URL:
sisley08 said…
name: Maan Gift Punzalan
email adress:
GFC name: Maan Gift
tweet URL:!/gift_punzalan/status/160546314076172288
FB status URL:
veta said…
name: Venos Monato
email adress:
GFC name: veta
tweet URL:!/veta897/status/160597711769448448
FB status URL:
Rhea Nel said…
Rhea Nel Gulafo
Rhea Nel
FB Post:
kristina marie said…
name: Kristina Marie Letada
email address: GFC name: kristina_168/ Kristina Marie Letada
tweet URL:!/iamteenuh/status/160739824356163584
FB status URL:

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