Im Back

Hi everyone! Sorry for the long hiatus and for being mia on twitter and Facebook for so long. We decided to spend our Christmas in Baguio at the last minute instead of leaving afterwards hence, no time to do any scheduled posts + I lost the signal on my phone during the whole vacation when we tried to turn it into a "hotspot" (not very sure if you call it that). It still doesn't have signal til now but I'm taking it to Greenhills tomorrow to have it fixed, so again, im sorry if I haven't been able to reply to your texts, will try to settle everything by tomorrow or the day after at the latest..

I also brought my tattoo stick with me cause I was planning to do a few posts while still on vacation but the signal and speed was so bad in our house.

Anyway, just wanted to do a quick post from my phone (because my netbook has also been acting up, I swear all my techy gadgets are going y2k on me! :P), to check on all of you, see how you're all doing, to thank everyone who visited my blog even while I was away and to greet everyone a very happy new year! This year has been really great because of all of you. Wish everyone the best! Excited to be back blogging. Happy 2012 peeps! Boo ya!


Junah Cagang said…
Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :) HAPPY NEW YEAR !

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Anonymous said…
omg!! I was also in baguio from the 27th, then went home yesterday! I'd love to see your baguio OOTD! ^_^

advance happy new year!


Myrted said…
Happy New Year to you too Ms. Sarah! :) Have a great blast celebrating. :)

Unknown said…
Happy new year, Sarah! :) Looking forward to your upcoming post-Y2K posts :)

Unknown said…
happy new year sarah! :)
dred said…
i was in baguio from 28th-30th. too bad we didn't bump into each other while we're in the manor. hehe

happy new year gorgeous! :)
MJC said…
Happy new year! Ü
Glenn Encinares said…
Happy New Year Sarah :)