Burger Project Review

After another tiring but successful day of selling our clothes for the benefit of the Sendong victims, we took a short trek to The Burger Project to reward ourselves.

I've heard a lot of good things about the Burger Project prior to this visit so I was really excited to give it a try.

At The Burger Project, you have the option of choosing one of their proven designer burgers....

Or, you can go the brave route and design one yourself just like we did!

The staff at The Burger Project are also very nice and accomodating. I also love that they have an in-depth knowledge of their product.

I don't eat beef so it's a big plus for me that they took people like me into consideration when they designed their menu. The Burger Project is Vegan Friendly with their Tofu Patties and Oatmeal and Potato Buns.

Now on to the food...

I'm sure that a lot of people will agree with me when I say that everything at The Burger Project is better.

From my personal observation, I think that The Burger Project likes to kick it "Old School" meaning that unlike most fastfood counterparts, The Burger Project prefers to rely on good, old-fashioned, quality ingredients to deliver unforgettable meals.

Their Milk Shakes and Iced Tea takes you on a nostalgi trip to the eighties. Sipping on my Strawberry milkshake took me back to those Magnolia Ice Cream house days while the Iced Tea is homemade and almost identical to the ones I used to share with my Grandpa at the country club.

Next up, mozarella cheese logs with marinara sauce

in all its cheesy goodness!
Onion Rings...by far the best I've ever tried. Made with real onions and a super crisp coating with just the right amount of seasoning!

Homemade Fries - again, crisp on the outside just the way it should be.

And finally, here's my burger! The Ms. Eggplant!

A juicy double chicken patty with a sesame seed bun, topped with sun-dried tomatoes, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomatoes and finished of with a lovely Marinara Sauce! Dee-licious!

Schedule a visit to the Burger Project today and don't forget to try out the "Ms. Eggplant" burger! :)

Nomnomnom, yummy!

How to eat a large burger as told by a burger connoiseur - "Turn burger upside down and eat from the bottom up so the contents don't spill over."



Gela said…
wooowww, that looks so good! will definitely check that place out one of these days. great tip on how to eat a burger too! i'm always so messy when i eat one. i'll try that next time!

ganda ng hair mo, btw, Sarah! suits you very well! yay for short haired girls. :D

happy holidays!

boat ride through the sky
Oooooh ginutom ako ng post mo, Sarah!!! Lol but really, everything looks so yummy! Will try there soon! :)

i love burgers..i love sandwiches and your post is making me drool...hehehe.

and oooh, i love your new hair...looks sooo good on you. <3

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥
Valerie said…
Those fries! I've been looking for a good place that sells home made fries. Need to hunt this place down when I'm there. Everything looks yummy! Thanks for the comment. :) xx

Your haircut looks great! xx

dred said…
haha ma-try nga that technique on how to eat a burger. i'm always a mess everytime i eat huge burgers.

i'll keep burger project in mind.might check out the place if i'm in manille. :)

love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D
Naiara Cruz said…
mmmm!!!!!!!!!! im hungry now

im forgot it! ...

happy happy Xmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Naiara Cruz*
Jasmine said…
Why why why why didchu make me hungry at this time lol anyway Happy Holidays and Merry Belated Christmas love

Wow that looks so delicious!!!


Unknown said…
baaaaaaaaabe! holy s##t i didn't know you cut your hair! ang gandaaa! you look so great, ha. i love it:))

take me there naman when i go back to manila. miss you!

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