Pampering by Gluta-C at Freyja Spa

Last December 1, I headed off to Freyja Spa at Sekai Center along Ortigas for a night of much needed pampering courtesy of Gluta-C.

It was my first time at Freyja and I was immediately smitten by it's interiors.
The place is beautifully decorated and their rates are very reasonable. They also have a wide selection of services which range from massages to waxing.
The kind people of Freyja and Gluta-C provided red wine and yummy hors d'ouevres for the bloggers. Perfect girly food for a fun, "slumber party-ish" feel.
Freyja's color scheme remind me of after six mints. Chocolate, baby blue, and mint green. Very relaxing.

My baby Bianca, choosing her treatment for the night:
Delicious finger food from Cafe France, couldn't get enough of these. We kept going back to the buffet table for 2nds, 3rds and 4ths!

Loving the smoked salmon canapes:
Bianca and Tracy:
Matching chunky sweaters:
Mother and daughter team behind Gluta-C. Their skin is AMAZING! And they're really, really accommodating and funny as well.
The bloggers with Allyana Martinez, celebrity stylist who gave a short but very informative talk on styling and dressing for your body type.
My loves: Tracy and Pax
Earth looking very happy and excited to be pampered:
Here's Allyana giving her talk:
Love her shoes! Steve Madden's from Hong Kong, yes, I asked where she got them! Addict :P

After Allyana's talk, the lights were dimmed for the intro of Gluta-C. Gluta-C will be holding a model search on their Facebook Page soon, so watch out for that. Winner will get P30,000 worth of GC's from Forever21, I think. Just visit Gluta-C's page for more details, it'll be up soon .

Next up was Gluta-C's owner providing us with vital information about the brand and how it works.
Some important points to remember from the talk:

  • Using a whitening lotion doesn't mean it'll turn you pasty white, what it does is that it evens out your skin tone, gets rid of blemishes and discolorations.
  • A lot of products in the international market contain vitamin C and other whitening ingredients but market their products as "moisturizing" or "nourishing" since the caucasian market are mostly on the lookout for tanning/moisturizing products.
  • Bacteria causes darkness, discoloration and odor in the armpits. If you're not the type that sweats profusely, you can use Gluta-C's products (especially their spritz toner)as a substitute for deodorant since it contains, anti-bacterial and whitening properties.
After the talks, some photo op time before the pampering session:
Bloggers getting ready to be pampered:
Mar always looks pretty even with a headwrap:
And now time for our complimentary Gluta-C facials....saraaap lang!
My loveseat partner na ayaw magpa-picture, Pax:
Experienced and friendly staff at Freyja who took care of our pampering for the night. Two girls per blogger!
That night, I was treated to a facial, massage and mani-ped. It was so difficult to pick a perfect shade since there so many colors to choose from:

I finally settled on something eggplant-ish:
Gluta-C's product line that I'm dying to try out:
I love that their toner is in a spritz bottle! Makes it so refreshing to use, better yet, men won't find it awkward to apply since they can do it sans the girly cotton balls :P
Although I am quite fair, I have discoloration from over-exposure to the sun and age, from what I learned that night, I think Gluta-C is the right product for the job.

Gluta-C's products are reasonably priced, their not the cheapest but they're certainly still very affordable with a price tag that averages between P100-P200.

I love what the owner said: "Parang adobo lang yan, pag masmura na adobo, puro taba, but if you buy better quality adobo mas maraming laman"

Just looking at the skin of the people behind Gluta-C and you'll immediately know that the product works. Their skin is just so radiant and taut!

Thank you again Gluta-C and Freyja for a lovely night!

I went to the event in boots cause I didn't know that we were getting a free pedicure, the owner of Freyja was nice enough to let me borrow a pair of slippers! Now that's excellent service! I will definitely be back for more!


Wow!! Excellent service indeed from Freyja!! Bait nila! ☺ Looks like you girls had a fun night!



that's something new and very interesting .

is it avaible also in Italy ?

Apple said…
i love your eggplant-ish color nails