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Several days ago, I was invited by Ana and to try out Bar Dolci in Burgos Circle, The Fort.
Bar Dolci's interiors make you feel like you're in some chic foreign place like Hong Kong
VIP wall...or should I say walls (nearly the entire ground floor is covered in these signatures) where VIP's and loyal customers get to tally their visits! Cute concept and love the neon pens! :)
Gelatto in all the possible flavors you can imagine!

Notable flavors, definite must-trys are the salted caramel, live yoghurt, manhattan cheesecake and ferrero.
Gift boxes are also available, great for Christmas or pasalubong for the fam :)
This, I gotta try on my next visit, Alcoholic Frozen Gelatto Pops with flavors like Tequila Rose and Guiness Beer!
Macarons, macarons, macarons....
a little trivia about Macarons...Macarons are created almost the same way Chocolate Truffles are with the sweet, premium chocolate ganache center hence the hefty price tag! Now you know :P

Bright and roomy interiors of Bar Dolci!

Now, we head upstairs to meet with the rest of the Open Rice people to try out the treats that Bar Dolci prepared for us!

First up were three variants of their Bruschetta, four cheese, cheese and bacon, mushroom and cheese.

Among the three, it was the four cheese that took my breathe away. Four cheese bruschetta is a combination of Mozarella, Parmesan, Gruyere and Cheddar. The simplicity of it all combined with a great-tasting marinara sauce + homebaked bruschetta is divine!
mushroom and cheese bruschetta
bacon and cheese bruschetta
These Gruyere Poofs with Marinara sauce were perhaps my most favorite during the entire visit. The gruyere poofs have a delicate flavor and pairing it with the marinara sauce creates a wonderful contrast of flavors.

Now on to the sweet stuff! I'm really more of a savory person but I have to admit, the desserts at Bar Dolci are pretty hard to resist. Their dessert menu basically consists of all-time favorites but given a special "Bar Dolci Tweak".
Beignets with Chocolate Espresso Dip

Their Beignets are identical to Churros except for its dip which is made with premium chocolate and espresso. It's thick, rich and tastes and feels very luxurious in the mouth.

Now on to everyone's favorite, Macarons! 

One word: FERRERO! 'nuff said!
Fashion bloggers turned food bloggers! With Ana, Pax and Melai. Hello, new hair! Yes, first public appearance of my new hairdo. :)

Can you spot my name? Planning to add more tics to that very soon!

Bar Dolci is a great place to hang out for coffee with your girlfriends. It's also perfect for a quick date with that special someone. Also, with free wi-fi, it's a place you can visit whenever you feel like spending some quality "me-time" with yourself.

For more info on Open Rice, click this LINK



wonderful post. love it!
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Issa said…
ang sarap! love your hair! bagay sayo Miss Sarah! :)
Gosh, this post made me hungry!! Let's go there soon, Sarah! ☺ Hahaha and yay to the first public appearance of your new hair style! Loving it!


love! heard about bar dolci and i heard it was awesome <3 nice hair btw!!:)
Rovie, The Bargain Doll
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i was looking at your laway na laway lang me...
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this post made me so hungry! i want macarons. :)
Ruth dela Cruz said…
Ginutom ako sa post mo dear.. But yeah, love Bar Dolci. Love the espresso shot with salted caramel! Yum!