What I Wore Today: Boardwalk

gray knit top from greenhills, belt from zara, clutch from sm dept store, shoes from chickflick, fuschia pants c/o boardwalk

Giving these pair of pants a spin. I got it a couple of weeks ago from the Boardwalk event. They're two sizes too big for me (large) but it was the only size available and I actually think I prefer them that way. They're much more comfortable to wear and they suit my laidback personality better.

Also, by popular demand (you know who you guys are! :P), I am striving to provide you guys with better photographs by learning how to use Photoshop! It's no picnic in the park for me but I'm starting to play around with "curves". Do you see the difference in the photos? Notice an improvement? Do you have any tips you'd like to share with me? I am so not techy! I am also wondering where you guys upload your photos? Are mine big enough? I just upload to facebook and grab from there.

I'd appreciate the help :)

Thanks! Good night! Sweet Dreams!


joei ♥ said…
Love the color combo (pants + bag).
You look great as always!

Caro P. said…
ooohhh :O the shoes!
love at first sight! i like the oversized pants too.. they look great like that!
Caro P. :)
Anupriya DG said…
That blue clutch with the red pants look awesome! Your snaps definitely look better!! :)
JC Mercado said…
try this sites:


used this to edit my pics and it's very cool and simple!

btw, you look gorgeous as ever..

please find time to visit my site too..


Wonder Woman said…
I definitely noticed coz I was abt to ask if you got a new camera! Haha. And I was also gonna comment and say "I'm glad the Boardwalk pants fit you"! Haha. The size definitely suits your laidback look. :)

ROXY said…
im inlove with your shoes ms. sarah , and you look stunning ! love the whole outfit :))

Clara Turbay said…
i love this post. Great ideas put together!

You still pulled it off even if the pants' size is bigger!! :) Great laidback look, Sarah!


Aileen Kim said…
what fiery pants...and how i love how you tweaked the photos! they're way better and they highlight your beautiful features more! Try photoscape...it's free download (and not online unlike picnic so you could use it with or without internet) and works well like photoshop...only a lot easier to use!!!!
Gellie Abogado said…
Hello Sarah, nice seeing you again at the BU. Love your pants! I've always wanted to try a different color ng pants than the usual black, brown, denim, etc. dunno if i can pull it off like you did here. :)
Mary Ann said…
love this! okay lang pakopya?=) def going to my "outfit inspiration folder"

laidback yet very stylish=)
Daisha Abrera said…
I'll find something like this and wear it in school! <3
Chyrel Gomez said…
Love the red pants, pag di mo na gusto. I ship mo dito sa Cebu and I'll wear it with my red blazer para birthday suit na! Haha! Just kidding.

I like the photo quality now and with mine, I upload the photos first in photobucket. It's a lot of hardwork kasi antagal minsan.

I usually do just a little editing with photoscape, you can download it online. I don't know how to use photoshop, then I upload them to photobucket and just copy the html code. It's easier for me, nasanay na rin ako. Haha!

Sorry, info overload?
Chyrel Gomez said…
Teka, parang sira-sira grammar ko ah. Pasensya na, nilalagnat kasi ako.

Photoscape is not internet dependent unlike picnik. Download it and you can edit your photos. You can try adobe or light room pero haven't even tried it myself at saka, di ako marunong sa dalawa.

info overload na naman! haha!
Nadine Natalin said…
kive your bloody red trouser :)
yahoooo!! i love the editing! maganda siya!!:D
lol, talaga? thanks ava! :)