What I Wore Today: Old Favorite

By now, you're all probably tired of seeing this skirt. It has made numerous appearances on my blog but I can't help it. It really is one of my staples. I never would've thought that rust can be so versatile until I finally owned something in the shade.

Anyway, I wore this some weeks ago to man my booth at Style Swap. Remember that post? :) Hella fun event. During selling events like those, I am most of the time on my feet the entire day or up and down the stairs so I brought out my "mommy side" for the day and wore my ever reliable "pang-sundo" tan leather fit-flops. There, just a short back story :)

Going to Megamall now for some serious shopping at Primadonna and dinner at Yabu. Hope you like this post!

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your maxi's are the best, sarah! tried fitting it when i got home and so comfy! can't wait to wear it soon!
Aya said…
LOVING the dark orange maxi skirt! Super cute on you and totally in style for the season :) xoxo!
Kira Lilly said…
definitely not tired of seeing it! its beautiful

KIRA LILLY fashion blog
Gellie Abogado said…
It's beautiful Sarah. I really adore your style. No matter how many times you wear that skirt, won't get tired of seeing it :)
dred said…
hi sarah! met u during dinner with bloggers at the podium. you're so pretty! :) startstruck ako. hehe

love your blog. i'm your newest flower. :)

dred said…
**follower. ano ba yan! haha
thestyleflux said…
I really love your maxis you look great on 'em :)

Roma is Love said…
it looks good on you and anything that looks good should be worn more than once! :) wish i was as tall as you...though i love long dresses and skirts...i need clogs so i wouldn't look short :)
I love that maxi and that belt! :D
Chyrel Gomez said…
i love the color of your skirt and i don't get tired of looking at your outfit posts wearing that. :)
Super bagay sayo every maxi skirt you have! So pretty, Sarah! And glad to know that you'll be going to Yabu!! Share your experience to us! ♥


super like parin ;)) how i wish I was tall like you :)
Love the color of your skirt!
don't worry, i love your skirt too! <3
so i won't get tired of it...maxi skirts are actually my go to fail-safe style item because i can be girly without shaving my legs...LOL. ooops!

it was lovely meeting you sarah! and i was really happy to see you have bigger photos now...hehe. naalala ko yung tutorials naming sayo..hehehe.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥
Jen Umm said…
great inspiration! love the first pic!
thanks for sharing!

if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
let me know!