YABU - The House of Katsu...A Photo Walkthrough + Review

After much anticipation, my schedule finally cleared up and me and my family were finally able to give Yabu a try.

Yabu, is the latest addition to SM Megamall's Atrium wing (the foodies paradise tucked in between bldg. A & B)
Yabu's modern Japanese interiors lend the place a trendy and upbeat vibe:

I had high expectations since I heard that Chef Kazuya was behind Yabu.
Here we are happily waiting for our food to arrive:

The different sauces used for their set meals - a choice of GOMA dressing or Shoyu Vinaigrette for the cabbage salad. The Goma dressing tastes of Japanese mayo with roasted sesame seeds. Really yummy.
bulldog sauce, katsu sauce (bulldog + sesame seeds), pink salt
While waiting for our food, one of their servers demonstrated how to prepare their Katsu sauce:
Nikola preparing her Katsu sauce:

some of my notes:
After a few minutes, our food arrived, all at the same time! No awkward waiting time between dishes at Yabu.
Our orders:
Shrimp Katsu, Premium Tonkatsu Set, and Pork Tonkatsu Set
Nikola, like all other kids, is a big tempura girl so she immediately set her mind on the shrimp katsu. Their shrimp katsu is made with fresh tiger prawns. You can taste and feel the freshness with every bite. The prawn meat is comparable to a good sausage, meaning it has a snap. None of the mushy prawn meat common in most mid-priced restaurants.
Mustard/Horseradish - must have this with your katsu! Transforms it to a different level. Have it along with the Katsu sauce. Dip into mustard first then Katsu sauce.

We were curious to see the difference between the Kurobuta set and the Rosu set. I never heard of Kobe pork 'til now.
All sets come with japanese rice, miso soup, unlimited cabbage salad, fruit and your choice of katsu. Their miso soup is noteworthy. It has abundant seaweed and tofu with just the right amount of saltiness and body.
Check out the difference between the 2 pork katsu's:
The Kurobuta meat is much darker than the regular Rosu meat. According to Yabu's manager, Kurobuta meat has richer marbling, more flavor and is considerably tender than the Rosu. He was not joking. Although the Rosu can stand on its own and outshine most Katsu's found in other Japanese restaurants, the Kurobuta is in a class all it's own. A definite must-try! After taking a bite of the Kurobuta's buttery meat, I started seeing pork in a whole new different light.
Gomu sauce with the cabbage salad:
Dennis couldn't get enough of it, I think he had like 5 servings!

He practically emptied out the contents of the bottle on his own:

My Yabu experience was definitely a positive one. The staff was courteous, service, waiting time, and value for money was excellent, and the quality of the food, divine. I will definitely be back for more. Can't wait to try their sake and Katsu curry sets.
with Yabu's manager:
After my Yabu visit, my impression of Katsu has changed forever. I now have more respect for the humble Japanese breaded meat.

YABU is located at the 2nd flr. of SM Megamall's Atrium
You can visit YABU's Facebook page HERE



Gela said…
ako na lang yata di pa nakakakain sa Yabu, haha. i'm not into Japanese food, but the place has been getting lots of good reviews, so i'm really intrigued!

boat ride through the sky
I've always wanted to visit Yabu but I had no time!! :( Can't wait to eat there!!! ♥ Glad you guys enjoyed!


Roma is Love said…
looks yummy! :) i must admit though that in the photos, I noticed your outfit's striking color more :) i love neon-ish things :) glad you had fun with the family at yabu :)
Jelena said…
Beautiful :))
I'm doing a contest in my blog , The Best Christmas Tree ^^ Send the photo ---> thestylerecipe@yahoo.com
biang said…
every blogger in Manila has been talking about this restaurant. I've only tried Katsu once so I'm excited to try this one when I come to Manila.

Chyrel Gomez said…
I love your top and Nikola's bangs are so cute! :)
Emmerey Rose said…
Looks really delicious! :)
Wonder Woman said…
I can't believe I still haven't been to Yabu... :( Must go this week.

dred said…
it's 11:30 pm as i type this, and you're food post is making me hungry! huhu they look soo yummy.

btw, your daughter nikola, she reminds me of a young KC Concepcion. Too adorbs for words. :)

Yey for yabu! and wow, dennis haha naubos mo yung sauce!
Stacey Kay said…
WOW! Everything looks amazing. Thanks for the post, now I'm really hungry.

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