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My afternoon yesterday was spent sampling the different goodies that Akiba Cafe had to offer:
Akiba's Interiors
Akiba Cafe is located at the 2nd floor of SM Megamall's Bldg A, right beside Spam Jam and opposite Marks & Spencer's. It's a quiet little nook that's conducive for catching up on emails and lengthy conversations.

Akiba Cafe borrows it's name from Akihabara, the electronic district in Japan which is now sprouting with numerous cafes as well.

Christian was our server for the day; he could possibly be in the running for one of Manila's best servers. His extensive knowledge of the menu and Akiba's background is astonishing. Ask him anything and most likely, he will have an answer ready for you. It's not easy impressing this tough cookie since I used to be a restaurant consultant and proprietor, but Christian surely did, right in the first 5 minutes. If you decide to visit Akiba after reading this review, make sure you ask for Christian :)

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Let's begin...
After a thorough explanation from Christian, we finally got served our first course for the day and one of Akiba's best sellers:
The Nutty Macadamia Kohi is a latte with a full bodied esspresso topped with a light foam. The addition of Macadamia syrup and sesame seeds give it its name.
The Macadamia Kohi is not your average latte but is a refreshing variation of it. The sesame seeds were a pleasant surprise. And contrary to my initial perception of it, the macada mia syrup did not make it overly sweet, it was just the right amount to add flavor but not to turn your coffee into a dessert which is probably why they highly recommend that you have it with their Green Tea Cheesecake.
Their Green Tea Cheesecake is phenomenal. If you're into green tea ice cream, green tea mochi, then you definitely have to try this. The crust is delicious and the cheesecake is just the right creamy consistency. VERY GOOD.
Next up is their Cold Choco Mochaccino which brought back memories of those Nescafe Frappe ads that were so popular in the 80's except this one is better. I am a big fan of Japanese chocolate and this drink gives it justice.

The Matcha Latte is a warm relaxing drink, a spa in a cup! The drink is pre-mixed so Christian couldn't really provide us with a breakdown of its ingredients but from what I gather, I think it is a green tea base mixed with either soy or skim milk. It was served to us with this huge, homemade choco fudge cookie:
Which, sad to say, looked better than it tasted. If there is one thing Akiba needs to improve on, it would be their cookies. It doesn't taste homemade at all. It's dry and tastes more like sugar rather than chocolate. Order the cheesecake instead.
Following the Matcha Latte, we were then served their Matcha Trifle Tea which I definitely enjoyed better.
Their Matcha Trifle Tea is best served without a straw so you can fully enjoy the texture of the cold tea and the contrast of the silky trifle topping on your lips. It has a slightly salty undertone which works great in emphasising the flavor of the green tea base, takes out the "suya" factor as well.

If you have kids in tow during your visit, ordering the Yoghurt Chiru would be your best bet. It's a chocolate drink with a sour kick. I know it sounds awful but it really is a good fusion of sweet and sour. Unusual at first but eventually endearing.

The Azuki Bean drink is an almond based drink. Again, it is pre-mixed so I have no guarantee of what's in it, but it tasted like it had some sort of Cherry syrup added to it. Not my cup of tea but if you're into Almond Jelly and the like, you will defintiely love it.
Some of Akiba's other sweet offerings....
My favorite dessert of all time, the Banoffee Pie! This wasn't part of the menu set for us but I will definitely be back to try it.
They also carry Mogu Mogu, a pop culture favorite.

Overall, I would have to say that this Akiba visit was a success. 

  • great service
  • value for money
  • clean interiors
  • quality ingredients
  • no bathroom
  • limited food menu
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Thank you again Khaezel and Open Rice for this wonderful opportunity!

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Unknown said…
That green tea cheesecake is VERY VERY tempting.

thestyleflux said…
I wanna try it out!

Hazel said…
i love green tea AND cheesecake.. so the combination of both must be a killer! gotta try that Green Tea Cheesecake :)
Great review, Sarah! :) I'm so excited to try Akiba out. Wanna taste their teas and pastries!