Baguio Diaries 1

So instead of leaving on the 26th like we initially planned, we changed our minds and decided to drive up a day early on the dawn of the 25th instead. We couldn't have made a better decidsion. The roads were practically empty all the way up. A sight I haven't seen since the 80's. It was definitely refreshing.

And so our journey begins...
empty SCTEX
Sleepy troops...not used to waking up at 5am

I think the tradition of aboriginal aetas begging for money along Luisita started after the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991. Such a shame.

The City was a sight to behold. Fog everywhere and the smell of pine and horse shit, which despite its stench , has a way of making you feel right at home. :P

After much anticipation, we finally arrived at the house! ...And were greeted by a cute puppy named "Samantha", who later became Chewy's best friend and an honorary member of our family.

The evenings were beyond chilly. If I'm not mistaken, the temperature reached 10 degrees. Great way to keep the family close and by the fire:

My love trying his best to start a fire. Those big logs are really difficult to burn and require an abundance of firestarters and newspaper just to light up.

Trying to brave the outdoors on our first night. Trust me, this didn't last long. After a couple of minutes, we all started crowding the barbecue pit which ended up in us smelling like barbecue the whole night. When it's cold, you don't really care and no matter what you do, you just feel really clean. No sticky fingers here.

Even Chewy was all bundled up. :))

The next morning, we were woken up by Nikola bright and early, begging us to take her horseback riding or (Back Horse Rising according to her :P)

And this is what she wore:
sm kids fashion street style

Minnie Mouse cap from Hong Kong Disneyland, Top and Blazer from SM Dept Store (I love their Kids selection right now, so many cute and affordable pieces) Jeggings (kids gotta have those LOL) from Cherokee and ridng boots from Zara Kids

And this is how me and Dennis spent most of our Baguio afternoons together, waiting for Nikola to return from the trail at John Hay. Love my family <3

More in my next post. Happy 2012 everyone! And please, ease up on the "end of the world" talk, it's getting quite depressing.


Oh my Dior! said…
love the photos happy new year!!
Glenn Encinares said…
cute ng baby girl mo Sarah :)
A N A G O N said…
Love this post! :) ang ganda ng pictures and love how you wrote the deets :)
Eileen said…
Love this post. Brought back memories when I was young when we would celebrate New Year's Eve in Baguio. Those were very special times.
Wonder Woman said…
Nicola's so cute! Such a fashionista na rin ha! Ahhh. I miss Baguio. Used to live there eh. Happy new year, Sarah! :)
Chyrel Gomez said…
Sarah!!! Na-miss kita, SOOOOOOBRA! Haha! I was there last October and grabe ang ginaw! Di ko na-anticipate at puro pekpek shorts lang dala ko that time! What was I thinking?! Haha!

Happy New Year to you and your family! Feeling ko magiging blogger na din si Nikola. Ang kyut nya at marunong na mag pose ha! XD
Your baby girl's so fashyon! Love your holiday getaway, Sarah! I missed Baguio suddenly. Happy New Year! Hope to see you more this year!


dred said…
wow fashyown na fashyown si baby girl. i love the red coat. :)

yes, baguio was super cold during those days. a refreshing change from hot Cebu. :)
just came from baguio as well! it's soooo cold exag! You're baby girl so cute! Happy new year!

Love your photos! And the red coat on Nikola is just priceless! :)

hazel said…
4 hours to go up to baguio only?? WOW! i miss baguio! haha ;D cute outfit of nikola :)
Issa said…
i wanna go to Baguio too! wow, ang bilis na pala ng travel time? your baby is so adorable! love her outfit!
Jasmine said…
First of all , Happy New Year

the photos in this post says it all
Guess what they say its true a picture paints a thousand words

and these are really amazing


MJC said…
so cute ni nikola. :)

happy new year!
Shasie said…
How cool! I love the shots from the road!
Shasie of Live Life in Style