t by alexander wang twist skirt tutorial

I started this year on twitter with a promise to feature more DIYs on my blog. So here's the first. I hope you like :)

I have been obssesed with these Alexander Wang ruched skirts so I decided to try making one on my own.

Let's get started.

What You'll Need:

  1. 1 yard stretch fabric of your choice.
  2. Sewing machine or needle and matching thread.
  3. Elastic (I recommend 3/4"-1" wide)
  4. Tape Measure
  5. Skirt with a fit you like


t by alexander wang twist skirt tutorial

alexander wang twist skirt tutorial
diy alexander wang twist skirt

And you're done! 
Wear and style accordingly:

You can adjust the folds on the skirt by just twisting and moving it around to make it less dramatic, like the Alexander Wang but I arranged the folds to hike it up a bit more in the middle cause I find that it flatters my short legs more.

Good Luck and Have Fun Sewing! 

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Vina Yabut said…
Nice skirt!!! I wanna try making this one :p

Hazel said…
love the skirt!! ;D more DIY!! :)
Psyche said…
Weeh!! I love the skirt! :)
Mary Ann said…
can i just say: hot momma?=D
thestyleflux said…
Nice! great DIY! :) Thanks for sharing!

Karla said…
That skirt is so chic. I wish I could sew my own clothes, too.

Gellie Abogado said…
great diy sarah! sewing is actually one of my frustrations! XD
Katarina said…
Great DIY!
I'm your new follower. :D
niknok said…
OMG! The outcome was gorgeous! Even better! Galing! XD

The Niknok Style
This is such a great DIY!! :) Achieve ang Alexander Wang! Wish I knew how to sew. You're so great, Sarah!! ♥

I have the one of Alexander Wang but your skirt it's amazing too! ;) love it
Gela said…
love the skirt, Sarah!!! i actually like the one you made more than the Alexander Wang one. :D

boat ride through the sky
A N A G O N said…
fave ko to! :)) pag pinagsawaan ko na mga mahahaba kong hand me down na maxis, hahawa din ako skirts :))
Love! xx

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Chyrel Gomez said…
Amazing DIY! Bet ko ang skirt mo. :D
nice skirt and you are one of those bloggers that have sexy legs, hehehe inggit much!
Mica said…
Ang ganda, Ms. Sarah! :)
Rachel said…
Hi, all your images aren't working. I'd love to make this. Can you please fix?
Rachel said…
Hi, all your images aren't working. I'd love to make this. Can you please fix?
Hi Rachel, thank you for bringing this to my attention, will search my archives for the photos and re-edit as soon as i find them :)
signe said…
Amazing - would love to make this, but I can't see you images.