Haul: Pumps For Malling

How many pieces to be considered a "Haul"? I really don't know. I honestly thought that any shopping purchase was already considered a haul but I came across this question on twitter a few days ago. Apparently you need an "X" number of pieces before you can call it a haul? Anybody know? 

Enough with the boring haul talk. I ended 2011 with a longing for "normal shoes". I have amassed so many pairs of platforms and wedges through the years and have been wearing nothing but, that I've kinda gotten tired of them. 

You see, it's not that I used to have a particular dislike for grown up shoes, it's just that it was so much easier (and cheaper: Hello Korean pre-order sites!) finding wedges/platforms that fit well and were comfy. I managed to collect several black pairs of pumps before only because I felt that they were essential to a wardrobe. The reason why I hardly wore any of them was because they were all so bloody painful to walk in. After 30 minutes, it would feel like my feet were bleeding and on fire.

Hence, the search was on for a comfortable pair of pumps or in this case, pairs~Yes, I got a little carried away as usual :P

It all started with this pair that I discovered during one of my spontaneous visits to CMG.
Stacatto Pumps
I liked the shape and texture of it so I decided to try it on. I was surprised at how comfy they were. I immediately snagged them up and was doubly elated when I checked out at the counter and realized they were on sale! P899 if I remember right.
Next, I received this lovely pair from The Little Things She Needs. Not on sale but still very affordable and comfortable for only P1300*

And since I loved the black pair from Stacatto so much, I decided to go back and get the other color:
While picking those up, I came across these black and yellow babies which were also on sale:
I loved the yellow snakeskin detail and the barely there style which is so sexy when worn. They were also a steal for about P1600.

And then came the openrice event in Megamall. When bloggers attend an event in Megamall, there is almost always, the mandatory side trip to Forever21. During this shopping trip with Ana, we came across these multi-colored glitter pumps which were on sale for only P1000!
I haven't worn them out yet so I can't really tell you wether they're comfy or not. But for P1K, why not? 

And now my favorite of the entire bunch:
Zara S/S 2012 Pumps
While shopping for a dress in Shangri-la for a wedding I had to attend last weekend, I came across this pair in Zara and instantly fell head over heels in love! A nude pair of heels is VERY important to have in your wardrobe because they literally go with everything. It has been my frustration for a very long time to find a comfy pair. I heard that the YSL's are super comfy, I was so desperate that I was contemplating on saving up for a pair. These heels from Zara, though not very cheap in peso standards for P5k, are a steal as compared to splurging on a pair of Tribtoo's. At 5K, they are worth every penny. I am still amazed at how comfortable they are. I had them on at 3pm and only got to take them off at 2am. After eleven straight hours, my feet were still fine! Now that's a good shoe :)

But here's the clincher. As if I hadn't purchased enough shoes yet for the month of January, I am going back to the mall later to purchase another pair. But this time, it's for a pair of running shoes. Yes, running shoes. As much as I don't feel like spending anymore, much less for a pair of rubber shoes, I have been getting sick quite often lately and Dennis has been encouraging me to excercise. So after much persuasion, I am finally biting the bullet today. Wish me luck! :)

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mestizay said…
I loooove those Zara pumps!
I remember our conversation at Love Diva regarding pumps!haha
my toes are now immune to pay thanks to these shoes!haha
mestizay said…
I meant pain.hehe
iamcolorful said…
I agree :) A girl couldnt have enough shoes right? I love love all your purchases :)))

can't wait to hear about your next shoe purchase

Anonymous said…
hi! dont they (Zara nudes) make you feel that you're going to tip over with the height? Thanks :)
Not at all dear, they fit like a glove. :) try walking around them in the store first to get a feel for it :)
Hazel said…
omygoshhh!! those are adorable shoes!!! especially the nude one! aren't those pumps on sale? :(
Joyce said…
i love the Zara pumps :)

Smolder Me said…
winner ang zara pumps!:) good luck with the running by the way, nice to exercise every now and then :)
maria. said…
cutest shoes :D
Chyrel Gomez said…
I love the nude and glitter pumps. I am thinking of buying one for myself and I keep saying, last pair na 'to. No more buying pero naku! Mahirap magsalita ng tapos.
Carla Cee said…
wow 4 agad? diba puedeng isa isa lang haha!! love all of them <3 great deals and steals <3
Roxanne said…
love the zara pumps! looks like you would really stand out with those shoes ;)

Love all these shoes, Sarah!! :) You really got me drooling for them! ♥

lol at the haul issue! for real? they really waste time for that? errr.. btw, nice pumps!:))
Gellie Abogado said…
if i bought lotsa stuff, i call it a haul if i only bought 5 or less than, i call it a mini-haul. well, it actually doesn't matter! haha! love your new shoes!!! :D
Issa said…
wow! love those Zara pumps! you've got a great haul! :)
I totally know what you mean about super high platforms! Problem is, they're all I have now and this post is tempting me to go shopping for heels sans platforms!

I think, by definition, haul is actually plural so this post definitely qualifies as a haul! :D