I'd Like To Thank...

LOL, feeling artista ba yung title? :P Running out of titles for my posts, seriously! Anyway, since I got started on that note, let's just go with it, shall we?

First off, I'd like to thank The Little Things She Needs for these new pair of pumps and a chunky ring!

I've been personaly getting tired of wedges lately, maybe they're just around too much or maybe I just own too many pairs. Point is, I've been stocking up on comfortable everyday pumps like this one since the last quarter of 2011. Expect to see more "grown-up", classic shoes on my blog from now on :)

Next, new clothes from Fia Manilla!

I swear, they are one of the sweetest and most professional sellers you will ever find on the web! Plus, their clothes are really well tailored and made with high quality fabric. "Lakas makayaman!" LOL! 
Can't wait to do an outfit post with these! :)
I wish Topshop was one of my sponsors but they're not :(
So...I'd like to thank myself for these pair of shorts I picked up from their sale for P599. It was the only piece left and in my size + super cheap. They fit great too!

And lastly, I'd like to thank My Love (:P) for these:
Been wanting to own a black pair of TOMS for the longest time so I was really happy when Dennis gave these to me. Thanks babe, love you! :)

Just a short post, got tons to do today! So much backlog from the holidays, I'm going out of my mind!

Anyway, will announce the winner of The Little Thing She Needs giveaway later so stay stuned!
Have a pleasant day everyone! :)

In the meantime, join my ongoing giveaways which are ending soon!


lawyerdoll said…
Oooh... love the swirly pinch brocade. Gorgeous!
Gorgeous stuff you've got, Sarah! Love the shorts from Topshop, definitely a steal! ♥ Can't wait to see you wear those!


Issa said…
can't wait for your outfit posts!
Roma is Love said…
Busy busy you! :) Good luck Sarah! :)
Chyrel Gomez said…
Wow! Bongga naman. Miss you love. :)
I wanna fly in to Manila for Death Cab for Cutie or Smash Project on March.