New Year, New Loafers: Another Paisley Giveaway

I'm back with another giveaway care of our lovely friends from Paisley Clothing!

This time, you get to pick whichever pair of loafers you want from their collection!
I have this pair of danish loafers and they are super comfy and cute. Perfect for the upcoming summer months!
How To Join:

  1. Must be a public follower of my blog through GFC
  2. Like Ms. Eggplant's Chronicles and Paisley Clothing on FB
  3. Follow Me and Paisley Clothing on Twitter and Tweet: "I want to win a new pair of loafers from @paisleyclothing at @sarahtirona 
  4. Leave a comment with your name, GFC name, email address, FB username and tweet URL

Giveaway will end on Feb 11, 2011
Winner will be drawn via

Good Luck!

other ongoing giveaways which are ending soon!


Anonymous said…
Cillalois Marie Famero
GFC: Cillalois Famero
email add:
FB: Cillalois Marie Famero
Esther Joy Asug said…
GFC NAME:Esther Joy Asug
FB NAME:Esther Joy Asug
TWEET URL:!/EAsug/status/156970198405103616
Anonymous said…
name: Back To Basics Bags

GFC name: Back To Basics Bags

email address:

FB username: Back To Basics Bags /

and tweet URL:!/BacktoBasicsBag/status/156973524706271233
Nicolette said…
FB USERNAME: Nicolette Anne Yambao
GFC NAME: aioi_888
TWEET URL:!/chervaderrr/status/156974067734413313
Anonymous said…
Name: Tristell Recato Dy
GFC: Tristell Julienne Recato Dy
FB: Love To Shop
Tweet URL:!/tristell_08/status/156975631249313792
mera said…
amera hassana
gfc: mera
fb:Hassana A Dm!/faithandstyle
Jeng Aquino said…
1. A public follower of yout blog through GFC (GFC Name: Nerissa Remo-Aquino)

2. Have liked Ms. Eggplant's Chronicles and Paisley Clothing on FB

3. Followed you and Paisley Clothing on Twitter
4. Tweet URL!/nerissaaquin0/status/156980434826301440

Name: Nerissa Remo-Aquino
E-mail address:
FB username: nerissaaquin0
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jed P.
GFC: Jed
FB: Jedalyn

I Am Dollparts
GFC NAME:Mary Jane Francisco
FB NAME:Mary Jane Francisco
TWEET URL:!/nik_mjf/status/156980764578283521
Marie Castro said…
Name: Marie Danicia B. Castro
GFC: Marie Castro
Fb Username: Marie Castro
Tweet URL:!/mariebiskwet/status/156986326800019456
Psyche said…
Psyche Castillon
Psyche Castillon!/wildsoul_syk/status/156987457068474368
Rachel Canales said…
Name: Rachel Canales
GFC: rachel canales
Fb Username: Rachel Canales
Tweet URL:!/rachelchi_beybe/status/156980036606509058

hope to win this awesome giveaway of yours :)
amity ong said…
Amity Ong
GFC Amity Ong
FB: Amity Ong
GFC name: jerahmeel
email address:
FB username: Jerahmeel Bariso
tweet URL:!/jhem_bariso/status/156998230100553728
Melissa Camacho said…
melissa camacho
gfc: melissa camacho
fb:melissa camacho
Gela said…
Name: Gela Abores
GFC name: Gela (gelabo)
Email address:
FB username: Gela Abores
Tweet URL:!/gelatomique/status/157007327172636672


boat ride through the sky
TheAuthor said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheAuthor said…
Jeniffer Gangan
GFC: Jeny Gangan
FB: Jeniffer Gangan!/JenyOnDBlock/status/157009162591674368
Agnes Dela Cruz said…
Agnes Dela Cruz
GFC: Agnes DC
FB: Agnes Dc!/magz_dc/status/157014998529486848
Trix Reganit said…
name, GFC name, email address, FB username and tweet URL
Name: Beatrix Reganit
GFC name: Beatrix Reganit
FB username:
Tweet URL:!/trixreganit/status/157022085779169280
Anonymous said…
name: Tanya Santiago
GFC name: Tanya Santiago
email address:
FB username: Tans Santiago
tweet URL:!/svetlanisophy/status/157024850349789185
Unknown said…
name: Alyson Ting
GFC name: Alyson
email address:
FB username: ahleesoon
tweet URL:!/AhLeeSoon/status/157030205645537280
Name: Paulyn Dela Cruz
GFC: littlemisspoleng
FB : Marie PauLyn DeLa Cruz
Anonymous said…
Jenine Semilla
FB: Jenine Semilla
kim_coronel08 said…
GFC NAME:K Coronel
FB NAME:Kcoronel Coronel
TWEET URL:!/KCoronel08/status/157044175425114112
Unknown said…
Name: June Izabelle R. Roque
GFC Name: June Izabelle
Facebook username: Jill Roque
Name: Kristine Joy de Vera
GFC Name: Kristine Joy de Vera
Email address:
FB username: kristinejoydevera18 Tweet URL:!/kirsten_dayne/status/157057462976004096
iamveeh said…
Name: Vanessa Marie B. Apal
GFC name: iamveeh
Facebook username: @iamveeh
iamveeh said…
Name: Vanessa Marie B. Apal
GFC name: iamveeh
Facebook username: @iamveeh
iamveeh said…
Name: Vanessa Marie B. Apal
GFC name: iamveeh
Facebook username: @iamveeh
iamveeh said…
Name: Vanessa Marie B. Apal
GFC name: iamveeh
Facebook username: @iamveeh
iamveeh said…
Name: Vanessa Marie B. Apal
GFC name: iamveeh
Facebook username: @iamveeh
iamveeh said…
Name: Vanessa Marie B. Apal
GFC name: iamveeh
Facebook username: @iamveeh
iamveeh said…
Name: Vanessa Marie B. Apal
GFC name: iamveeh
Facebook username: @iamveeh
Rovie Divinagracia
GFC and twitter: roviedear
FB: Rovie Divinagracia
Marijo Camacho said…
GFC name, email address, FB username and tweet URL

GFC: demiurgicmajo
email add:
fb: majo camachi
Name/GFC Name/FB Username: Arnie Villanueva

Email Address:

Tweet URL:!/listentoarnie/status/157067315832299520
aztannah said…
name: Joyce Ann G. Castisimo
GFC name: jannpot / aztannah (nalito ako di ko po alam jannpot email ko pero most of the time aztannah username ko.
email address:
FB username: JA Castisimo
tweet URL:!/aztannah/status/157070607182344192

thank you :)
Kath Rivera said…
Name: Katherine Rose Rivera
GFC: Kath
FB: Katherine Rose Coronel-Rivera
Twitter URL:!/Kathneko/status/157071633515950080
Pia Acas said…
GFC name: PiaJennicaMarie Acas
Fb: Pia Jennica Marie Acas
tweet URL:!/piyaaatooot/status/157072126615097344

love it! <3
ning said…
GFC name: luningning
email address:
FB username: luningning arabiran
tweet URL:!/yingying27/status/157073951070228480
aztannah said…
**2nd comment
Changed my GFC to JA Castisimo :)

name: Joyce Ann G. Castisimo
GFC name: JA Castisimo
email address:
FB username: JA Castisimo
tweet URL:!/aztannah/status/157070607182344192

thank you :)
name: Quima May Renegado
GFC name:Quima
email address:
FB username: Quimz Renegado
tweet URL:!/quimrenegado/status/157074463253463040

Roxanne said…
Name/FB Username: Roxanne Limpante
GFC Name: Roxanne
Email Add:
Tweet URL:!/speakingofroxan/status/157088109069205505

thanks miss sarah ;)
Robin Quick said…
name: Robin Quick
gfc: Robin Quick
Email: mnrquick at yahoo dot com
FB username: Robin Quick
Twitter Username: RKQuick
Tweet url:!/RKQuick/status/157089036614385664
Issa said…
Happy New Year sis! This is a great giveaway! :)

name: Norissa Chavez
GFC name: Issa
email address:
FB username: Issa Chavez
tweet URL:!/Issachavez14/status/157089922103250944
Unknown said…
name: Mary Joy Jumamoy
GFC name: Mj Tan
email address:
FB username: Emj Tan
tweet URL:!/emjSkye/status/157089394598215680
veta said…
name: Venos Monato
GFC name: veta
email address:
FB username: venz shwa
tweet URL:!/veta897/status/157092605929336834
Ayette Gonzales said…
Name: Harriet Gonzales
GFC name: Ayette Gonzales
email address:
FB username: missayette
Tweet url:!/missayette/status/157098035741081600
jem dacasin said…
GFC NAME: Bata♥ =)
email address:
FB username: jem.dacasin
tweet URL:!/jemchix
Charlene B. said…
name: Charlene Lyra Bianes
GFC name: Charlene B.
email address:
FB username: Charlene Lyra Bianes
tweet URL:!/charlenelyra/status/157102360643108864
Unknown said…
name: Wilhelmina C. Balondo
GFC name: Mina Balondo
email address:
FB username: Wilhelmina C. Balondo
tweet URL:!/minabalondo/status/157105653322760192
Unknown said…
name: Mary Aiko Orcilla
GFC name: Aykulith
FB username: Aiko Orcilla
tweet URL:!/aykulith/status/157106952554561536
kitty said…

Charmaine Cuartero
GFC: cham
chamcuartero (at) live (dot) com
FB: Cham Cuartero
Twitter URL:!/chamcuartero/status/157108043539156992
Name: Gemnikka Alcantara
GFC: Gemnikka A.
FB username: Gemnikka Alcantara
Tweet URL:!/icraveforbliss/status/157109050503475200
Mizi said…
name: Mirzi Sarte
GFC name: mizi_heatherfield
Email address:
FB username: Mizi Sarte
tweet URL:!/mizichic/status/157111817850720256
Kimberly said…
Name: Kimberly Calub
GFC: Kimberly
email: kimberly0703(at)yahoo(dot)com
FB: Kimberly Calub
Twitter URL:!/sombrito/status/157124400259403776
Cam said…
Alyssa Camille Gamboa
GFC: Cam Gamboa
FB: Camille Gamboa
Tweet URL:!/camgamboa/status/157130926458023937
Stonibert Lim
GFC - Abetabet2002
email -
FB - Stonibert Lim
Tweet URL :!/abetstone/status/157134963408510977
Anonymous said…
name: Mary Louise Reyes
GFC name: Mary Louise Reyes
email address:
FB username: Louise Icyfox
tweet URL:!/icyfox08/status/157140663119523840
Leah said…
name: Leah Gonzalez
GFC name: Lei
email address:
FB username: Leah Gonzalez
tweet URL:!/leahgonz/status/157160166675066880
Damla said…
GFC: Damla (Sweepstake Lover)



annabell_lee_dk (at)
ence said…
Name: Eunice Chua
GFC Name : ence
email address:
FB username: Eunice Chua
tweet URL :!/GlimpseOfEnce/status/157201365888806914
arra said…
Name: Arra Morta
GFC Name : arra
email address:
FB username: Arra Morta
tweet URL :!/NakedArra/status/157266828429762561
ladymishel said…
GFC name: LadyMishel
email address: michelle_ej08[at]yahoo[dot]com
FB username: Michelle Oraña-Ame
Tweet URL:!/michelleame/status/157299346340196352
Rhea Mocorro said…
name: Rhea Suzette Mocorro
GFC name: Rhea Mocorro
email address: and
FB username: Rhea Suzette Mocorro
tweet URL:!/jurinsthea/status/157307743890456577
abigail ong said…
name: Abigail Ong
GFC : Abigail Ong
FB: Abigail Ong
Lilli Abatayo said…
name Lilli Elizabeth Abatayo
GFC name Lilli Abatayo
email address
FB username Lilli Abatayo
tweet URL:!/LilliAbatayo/status/157313139581521920
Mayee M. said…
Name: Merlinda Manalo
GFC name: Mayee M.
FB username: heymayee
Tweet URL:!/mayeel0ve/status/157310757007142913

mayla lagrimas said…
Name : Mayla Lagrimas
GFC name : mayla lagrimas
Email add :
FB name : Mayla Lagrimas
Tweet URL:!/maymaxnin/status/157313868664803328
Unknown said…
Name: Carole Cabahug-Malenab
GFC Name: Carole Cabahug-Malenab
Email add:
FB name: Carole Kaye Cabahug-Malenab
Tweet URL:!/carolekaye
Queency said…
GF name: Queency Santos
name: Queency Santos
FB: Queency Santos
tweet url:!/IamABeachComber/status/157337749341478913
Eloisa Frances said…
Eloisa Frances Castro
GFC name: Eloisa Frances
FB Username: Frances Castro
Tweet URL:!/iam_fces/status/157351922045685760
Crystal Cruz said…
Name : Crystal Lagman
GFC name : Crystal Cruz
Email add :
FB name : Crystal Cruz
Tweet URL:!/crystahal/status/157357988712165376
Unknown said…
name: Riza Javier Llarena
GFC name: rizel430
email address:
FB username: Riza Javier Llarena
tweet URL:!/azleko/status/157362965039955969
Joanne Olaes said…
Name: Joanne Maryrose S. Olaes
GFC: Joanne Olaes
FB: Joanne Maryrose Sierra Olaes

Thank you for the generous giveaway! :)
Joy said…
name: Lovely Joy Merced
GFC name: Joy Merced
email address:
FB username: Joy Merced
tweet URL:!/Joyluck_614/status/157377645087166465
leilani said…
name: leilani sonza
GFC: leilani sonza
FB: leilani sonza
twitter: lilaec
Thank you!
Felisa ♥ said…
NAME: Felisa May Tan
GFC: Fel
FB: Felisa May Tan
Meow Tan said…
Katherine Anne Tan
GFC name: Meow Tan
FB: Katherine Anne Tan
Kimberly Tiu said…
Kimberly Camille Tiu

GFC: Kim
Email: purple_kimy37(at)yahoo(dot)com

FB: Kimberly Camille Tiu
Twitter URL:!/kimtiu37/status/157465673956724737
bochog said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
name: Kristine Villano
GFC name: Kristine Villano
email address: FB username: Kristine Villano
tweet URL:!/kweshiedoodles/status/157478007928393728
monica ayungao said…
ana monica ayungao , anaayungao , , ,!/monicaayungao/status/157477747843796993
Name: Mary SUzette Martizano
GFC name: Mary Suzette Martizano
Email add:
FB name: Suzette Martizano
Min said…
GFC name:Min Viloria
email address: r_mviloria(at)yahoo(dot)com
FB username: Min Viloria
tweet URL :!/renaeh28/status/157481033661554689
Maebel said…
name: Maebel Chan
GFC name: Lindt Maebel
email address:
FB username: Maebel Chan
tweet URL:!/dancewithmaebz/status/157500651499307009
Anonymous said…
name: Elaine Chua,
GFC name: Elaine Chua,
email address: elainecutey(at)yahoo(dot)com,
FB username: Elaine Chua
tweet URL:!/JCnQT/status/157506933794934785
Anonymous said…
name: Elaine Chua,
GFC name: Elaine Chua,
email address: elainecutey(at)yahoo(dot)com,
FB username: Elaine Chua
tweet URL:!/JCnQT/status/157506933794934785
Anonymous said…
ma. christie calata
salmon cat on fb
tweet link:!/salmoncat/status/157532010934566912
Nina Llagono said…
name:Niña Llagono
GFC name: nina l
email address: FB username:Niña Llagono
tweet URL:!/Ninsh05/status/157546873425629184
Nina Llagono said…
name:Niña Llagono
GFC name: nina l
email address: FB username:Niña Llagono
tweet URL:!/Ninsh05/status/157546873425629184
rodawin said…
Name: rosanna concepcion
GFC: rosanna concepcion

tweet URL:!/rodawin/status/157630325244170240
excellany said…
name:Excellany Torrefiel
GFC name: excellany
email address:
FB username:Excellany Candel Torrefiel
Bea Perez said…
Name: Bea Perez
GFC: Bea Ann-Marie Perez
Email: beaperez0212 @ yahoo . com
FB name: Bei-Bei Perez
Kerra Balabis said…
Name: Kerra Balabis
GFC: Kerra Balabis
FB Name: Kerra Balabis-Curray
Mariellen Cruz said…
Mariellen Cruz
GFC: Mariellen Cruz
FB name: Mariellen Cruz
mhoie1325 said…
name: Ma. Elinor Semira
GFC: Elinor Semira
email: elinorsemira0124(at)gmail(dot)com
FB: Elinor Semira
tweet URL:!/mhoie1325/status/157715768883163136
Name: Camille Gonzales
GFC name: Camille Gonzales
email address:
FB username: Camille Gonzales
tweet URL:!/camzgonz/status/157763263776571392

Hope I win! :)
Joanna Valencia said…
name, GFC name, email address, FB username and tweet URL

Name: Joanna Valencia
GFC Name: Joanna Valencia
Tweeted url:!/ohjoanna/status/157767222612340736
MJC said…
marjulis cruz
GFC: ju cruz
FB: ju divina cruz

here's crossin my finger again hoping to win. :D
Jessamer Abing said…
name: Jessamer Abing

GFC name: Jessa Abing

email address:

FB username: Jessamer Abing

tweet URL:!/jexxaaaaaa/status/157791538594856960
Bettina Malveda said…
Name: Bettina Rose Malveda
GFC Name: Bettina Malveda
Email Address:
FB username: Bettina Malveda
Tweet URL:!/bettinamalveda/status/157840906232397825
Jing Ocay said…
Name: Jing Ayuban
GFC: Jing Ayuban
tweet url:!/iamjingplojing/status/157849787293638656
Bachuchay said…
Marinette Nama
GFC : Bachuchay
Twitter post :!/iambachuchay/status/157876456561717248
Carol's Kitchen said…
Name: Carolyn Ong
GFC Name: Carol Ong
FB Username: Carol Ong
twitter Post:!/OngCarolyn/status/157917317253169152
DHEZ said…
Name: Ma. Lourdes V. Signey
GFC name: Dhez Signey
FB username: Dhez Signey
tweet url:!/yourDHEZtiny/status/158031482743570433
Mary Ann said…
name:Ann Lazo
GFC name: Ann
email address:
FB username: NLF Wall
tweet URL:!/NLFblog/status/158034230109159424

Crossing my fingers!=D
i am certified said…
Name: Dara Asinas
GFC: i am certified
email add:
FB: Dara Asinas
Mitch Sazon said…
Michelle Sazon
Mitch (via
FB: Michelle Sazon
Barbs said…
Name: Barbara Arguelles
GFC: Barbara Arguelles
email add:
FB: Barbara Arguelles

Tweet URL:!/babajie/status/158050064378494976
mouse said…
Arabella Deane Micu
GFC: micumouse
FB: Abe Micu!/micumouse/status/158057813447421952
Gweny said…
Gwen del Carmen
GFC: Red's Mom
E: gwendelcarmen at gmail dot com
FB: Gwen Gonzales del Carmen

kkk0009 said…
Frances Banzuela
GFC: Frances Banzuela
email add:
FB: Frances Banzuela!/cesbanzuela/status/158087515469914112
lilali la said…
name, GFC name, email address, FB username and tweet URL
NAME: laila lantaca
GFC NAME: laila lantaca
FB: laila lantaca
TWEET URL:!/lailalantaca/status/158088951876431872

*crossfingers* I WANT TO WIN..
Frances Ong said…
Name: Frances Anne Lyn M. Ong
GFC Name: Frances Ong
Email Address:
FB Username: Frances Ong
Tweet URL:!/fffrancess/status/158167336027824128
Shaira Gonzales said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shaira Gonzales said…
Name: Shaira Gonzales
GFC Name: Shaira
Email address:
FB Username: shaira23
Tweet URL:!/shaira23/status/158198731731247104
Sammy Samson said…
Name: Sammy Samson
GFC name: Sammy Samson
email address:
FB username: Rose Samson
tweet URL:!/sammiisamson/status/158358411921211392
Thea C. said…
Name: Thea Castillo
GFC: Thea Castillo
FB username: Thea Castillo
aida said…
GFC name: aida
Name: Aida Villanueva
Email address: slither1004(at)gmail(dot)com
FB username: afvillanuevaII /

Tweet URL:!/slither1004/status/158493415095549952
ayenahmariel said…
name: Mariel Mangubat
GFC name: ayenahmariel
FB username: Mariel Venus Mangubat
tweet URL:!/ayenahmariel/status/158495550034034688
Hazel said…
Name: Hazel
GFC: Dressmeupbuttercup
email: hazelnot AT yahoo DOT com
FB username: hazel salcedo
Unknown said…
Name: Mary Ann Sanchez Cueto

GFC: Mary Ann Sanchez Cueto


FBname:Mary Ann Sanchez Cueto (Meanne II)

iam super said…
Nina Morfe
GFC - Nina Morfe
email - nina_morfe(at)yahoo(dot)com
FB - Nina Morfe!/akasupernini/status/158771043815800832
Crysy said…
Name: Crystal Marie Cañete

GFC: crystal marie canete


FBname: Cri Cañete

Zia Barroga said…
name: Zia Deniece Alyssa Barroga
GFC name: Zia Deniece Alyssa Barroga
email address:
FB username:
tweet URL:!/Ziyeaaah/status/158821589016784897
rima329 said…
i really love to win in this giveaway, so like the loafers.

name:irma cruz-dagdag
GFC : irma
fb username :
tweet url :!/avenir_irma/status/158927416528601088
email : avenir_329(at)yahoo(dot)com
Name:Perlita Fernandez
GFC:Perlita Fernandez
FB Name:Perlita Fernandez
Tweet url:!/fhitsfernandez/status/158940910950957056
Cates Dajao said…
Name: Darylynn Cates Dajao
GFC: Katesu Tsuoshiro
FB Name: Katesu Tsuoshiro
Unknown said…
enter me! :)

name: jenifer balatico
GFC name: jhenz balatico
email address:
FB username: jenifer santander balatico
tweet URL:!/itsme_JHENZtine/status/159189814619549696
Unknown said…
Frances Mer Lim
grace siy said…
name, : grace siy
GFC name : grace siy
email address:
FB username :
tweet URL:!/siygrace11/status/159219482030653440
Anonymous said…
Name: Minori Hernando Castro
GFC Name: Minori ✔
Email Adress:
FB Username: Minori Castro
Tweet URL:!/Minori_Rules
Jessica Rondero said…
Jessica Rondero
GFC: Jessica Rondero
FB: Jessica Rondero!/imursweetestsin/status/159407016832544769
fran said…
name: Franchesca Choi
GFC name: fran
email address:
FB username: Franchesca Choi (
tweet URL:!/choifran/status/159481674231582720
Name: Joss Alvarado

1. I´m already a GFC follower
GFC: Irene(Josslight089)

2. I Like Ms. Eggplant's Chronicles and Paisley Clothing on FB
FB username: (Joss Alvarado)

3. Following Sarah Torina and Paisley Clothing on Twitter

twitter URL:!/josslight089/status/159518354191810560
Jen Destura said…
name, GFC name, email address, FB username and tweet URL

Name: Jen Destura
GFC name: Jen Destura
Email address:
FB username: Jen Destura
Tweet URL:!/jendestura/status/157021902198669312
peniam said…
Name: Monika
GFC: peniam
Twitter: @Peniamm
AICY said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
AICY said…
name: Aicy Quiambao

GFC name: Aicy Quiambao ツ

email address:

FB username: Aicy Quiambao

tweet URL:!/alaysipae/status/159666445637263360
Keena said…
Leave a comment with your name, GFC name, email address, FB username and tweet URL

Name: Keena Mae Tan
GFC Name: Keena Mae Tan
Email Add:
FB username: Keena Mae Tan
Tweeet URL:!/keena1114/status/159905259077124096
kastinemartin said…
Name: Kastine Justine S. Martin

GFC Name: kastine martin

E-mail address:

FB username: Justine Martin

Tweet URL:!/kastinemartin/status/159964148543926272


E-mail address:

FB username: gerilen elinessete

Tweet URL:!/gerilen/status/160002440480034817
Unknown said…
Tina Elaine Resuello
GFC name: Elaine
Email Address: tinz_mendoza(at)yahoo(dot)com
FB username: Tina Elaine Mendoza Resuello
Twitter link:!/tinaelainer/status/160197134312939520

Crossing my fingers and hoping to win this time! :)
Unknown said…
Name: Sheena Mae F. Rillo
GFC name: Sheen
Email address:
FB username: Sheen Rillo
Tweet URL:!/SheenXin/status/160199528685895680
jayresa said…
hi.. :) I'm joining your giveaway! :D I want to win this time.. :)

name: theresa montino
GFC name: theresa
email address: theresamontino(at)gmail(dot)com
FB username: theresa montino
tweet URL:!/jayresa03/status/160339827592675328

~~~ thanks for the opportunity! :) hoping to win this! :D
cherie said…
name: Cherie Santos
GFC name: ccheriee
email address:
FB username: Cherie Santos
tweet URL:!/cheriesaints/status/160373237547667457
Unknown said…
name: Maan Gift Punzalan
email adress:
GFC name: Maan Gift
FB username: Maan Gift Punzalan / maangift
tweet URL:!/gift_punzalan/status/160547356872413184
Rhea said…
Rhea Nel Gulafo
Rhea Nel
FB: or as my E-add
Tweet URL:!/aehrlen/status/160617746453893120
gayle sy said…
Name: Abigail Sy
GFC Name; gayle sy
Email: abigail(dot)sy(at)chartisphils(dot)com
FB Name: gayle sy
jhayda said…
Joy Ramos
FB: Joy Ramos!/jhayda16/status/161061032628985856
Name: Michelle Jane Uy
GFC Name; Michelle Jane Uy
FB Name: Michelle Jane Uy
Lynn said…
name: Karen Ann Kho
GFC name: Karen Ann Kho
email address:
FB username: Guo Xiaoan
tweet URL:!/vainightingale/status/161175506170019840
name- charmaigne grace gepana

GFC name- charmaigne grace

email address-

FB username- zash gepana

tweet URL-!/charmaignegrace/status/161605943044481025
looovetoshop said…
Name: Tristell Julienne Recato Dy
GFC: Love To Shop
FB: Love To Shop
Tweet URL:!/looovetoshop/status/162153154010554368
missfancynails said…
name: Lovely Mae Unsad
GFC name: missfancynails
email add: FB username: Lovely Mae Unsad
tweet URL:!/missfancynails/status/162221910883696641
JC Mercado said…
Name: Juvette Chrisha Mercado
GFC: JC Mercado
FB: Juvette Chrisha Mercado
Tweet URL:!/shingchrishing/status/162301460900618241
Super Shaznae said…
name: Krystal Pearl Braga
GFC name: Krystal Pearl
email address:
FB username: Krystal Pearl
and tweet URL:!/itahl/status/162397407492055041
Anonymous said…
Name: Ella Gener
GFC name: ellamaegener
Email address:
FB username: Ella Mae A. Gener
Tweet URL:!/elladesperada/status/162511800452128768
Elaine said…
Name: Elaine Dela Peña
GFC Name: Elaine
Email Address:
FB Username: Elaine Dela Peña
Tweet URL:!/helloleii/status/162575732638351360
name: Quima May Renegado
GFC name: Quimz
email address:

FB username: Quimz Renegado

tweet URL:!/quimrenegado/status/163044934167965698
Jackie Canuto said…
Quite a new follower here, hope I win this time :)

GFC name: Jacqueline Canuto
FB username: Jacqueline Baluca Canuto
tweet URL:
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
Name: Abbey Jimenez
GFC: abjimenez12
FB: Abbey Jimenez
bochog said…
name, GFC name, email address, FB username and tweet URL
Allan Reyes
GFC-Allan Reyes
FB-Allan Reyes
tweet url-!/allanoreyes
Ansherina said…
name: Almira de Villa
GFC name: Number Two Lover
email address:
FB username: Ansherina Santos
tweet URL:!/numbertwohere/status/163804154219859968
Joy Mesina-Bahia said…
name: Joy Mesina-Bahia
GFC name: joiyee
email address: joymesinabahi(at)
FB username: Joy Mesina-Bahia
tweet URL:!/joiyee/status/163992559402745856
Cheska said…
name: Cheska Balingit
GFC name: Cheska;
email address:
FB username: Cheska Balingit
tweet URL:!/Chekaah/status/164187310152355840
Alta Infante said…
name: Aletha Jane Infante
GFC name: Alta Infante
email address: alta.infante(at)
FB username: Aletha Jane Infante
tweet URL:!/altainfante/status/165016483729117184
paopaolar said…
name - vera paola reyes
GFC name - vera paola reyes
email address -
FB username - vera paola reyes
tweet URL -!/verapao/status/165391515210874881
mara said…
Mara P. Tutay
GFC: mara.tutay
email add:
FB: Mara Tutay
tweet URL:!/maratutay/status/165392258936479744
name: Katherine Austria
GFC name: Kat Austria
email address:
FB username: kaustria13
tweet URL:!/ineesays/status/165433154360979456
Nix Rueda said…
name: Nichole Rueda
GFC name: Nix Rueda
email address:
FB username: Nix Rueda
Tweet URL:!/nixrueda/status/165666056734654464
jhanebibe said…
Name: Jhane Ayon
GFC: jhane
FB: Jhane Ayon
Tweet URL:!/wafflessssss/status/165669343290593281
Jeemah Villaverde
GFC & FB username: Jeemah Villaverde Twitter: @jem_villaverde
tweet URL:!/jem_villaverde/status/165913379934978049
Tanya said…
Name: Tanya Baldovino
GFC: tanya
FB: Tanya Baldovino
Tweet URL:!/tanyainlive/status/166009486908207104
kristina marie said…
name: Kristina Marie Letada
GFC name: kristina_168
email address:
FB username: Kristina Marie Letada tweet URL:!/iamteenuh/status/166435505708343296
Name : Mei Santiago
GFC : Mei Santiago
FB username: Mei S. Santiago
Tweet :!/Rinoabrood/status/166549042157989890
JeParleFrancais said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
ferdinand_dti said…
Name : Ferdinand Angeles
GFC : ferdinand angeles
FB username: Ferdinand Angeles
Tweet :!/ferdinand_dti/status/166795200411340800
Katt said…
Name: Ana Katerina Valdez
GFC: Kat Valdez
FB username: xxkatvaldez
Trixia Cruz said…
name: Trixia Mae Cruz
GFC: Trixia Cruz
FB username: whothehellcares
tweet URL:!/trixxuhh/status/167150617452744704
Gidjette said…
Name, FB and GFC: Gidjette Arguelles!/hellogidjette/status/167165699733716992
Rue said…
krizia rueka ballentes
gfc name: krizia rueka ballentes
fb username: rueka
tweet URL:!/kriziarueka/status/167172422011858944
Name: France Irish Camposano
GFC name: France Irish
Email address:
FB username: France Irish C
tweet URL:!/franceirish/status/167215666078818304
Anonymous said…
name: Itin Calvo
GFC: Itin
FB username: Itin Bique Calvo
Rousiey said…
name: Rouselle Carpio
GFC name: Rouselle
email address:
FB username: Rouselle Carpio
tweet URL:!/rou_selle/status/167287774502850560
Unknown said…
Name: Clarice Anne Villarante
GFC username: Clarice Villarante
Email ad:
FB name: Clarice Villarante
Twitter post:!/clavillarante/status/167499654190215168
Jessie Abing said…
name: Jessiemer Abing
GFC name: Jessie Abing
email address:
FB username: Jessie Abing
tweet URL:!/JessieDCa/status/167618379170066432
christine said…
name: Christine B. Batiller
GFC name: Christine Bacal Batiller
email address:
FB username: Christine Bacal Batiller
tweet URL:!/tinbatiller/status/167834700268838912
Angela Sison said…
name: Angela Sison
GFC name: Angela Sison
email address:
FB username: Princess Fab
tweet URL:!/postallthelove/status/167890991649529856
Elena Rudaya said…
I am your follower via GFC /Elena/
'Like' both pages on FB /Elena Rudaya/
Follow both pages on Twitter @elenarudaya

queen-of-pain at yandex dot com
jaja said…
im joining!

name-jannell cajote
twitter- jayarcy
gfc name-jaja
email - jcajote(at)yahoo(dot)com

thank you
christine said…
name: Christine B. Batiller
GFC name: Christine B Batiller
email address:
FB username: Christine Bacal Batiller
Lorsh said…
Must be a public follower of my blog through GFC
Like Ms. Eggplant's Chronicles and Paisley Clothing on FB
Follow Me and Paisley Clothing on Twitter and Tweet: "I want to win a new pair of loafers from @paisleyclothing at @sarahtirona
Leave a comment with your name, GFC name, email address, FB username and tweet URL

Name/GFC: Lorena Co
FB: Lorsh Co
Twitter: @SocialNinja127
Name/GFC: Alyanna Dela Cruz
FB: Alyanna Janesa Dela Cruz
Twitter: @yananadc
Unknown said…
name: Carmi Compasivo
GFC name: CarmisCaprice
email address:
FB username: Carmi Compasivo
tweet URL:!/CarmisCaprice/status/168290551723065344
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