What I Wore Today: Baguio 1

Hi everyone! I'm sorry if I haven't been so active and visible in the blogosphere lately. Still hungover from all the Holiday Buzz.

Lately, I've just been....

  • lounging around at home in PJ's sleepwear pajamas (:P) catching up on family and cuddling time
  • watching a bunch of movies and series
  • reminiscing about Baguio
Truth be told, me and Dennis have been thinking about a business to put up in Baguio so we can move there. The cold air and chill atmosphere is just perfect for us and the fact that there's an SM around makes it less scary to pack up and start over. :P

By the way, I've been having trouble leaving comments on blogs with a "standard" comment box. So if you have one of those, I suggest you switch it up to the one that pops up? Cause I might not be the only obe having trouble with that.

Sorry also for the delay in announcing the Gifts Ahoy giveaway winner. Will work on it later, good luck!

I have a bunch of giveaways that are still ongoing, just check out my right rail. Also, still have several coming up, (fantastic ones) so stay tuned for those.

Have a nice day! Give me a week or so, I should be back on track :P


thestyleflux said…
Love your look! it looks like you're in other country :)

Unknown said…
did you cut your hair? i like! and yeah, your photos look like they were taken from another country!
JC Mercado said…
is this place somewhere not in the country? so spring out there! hihi. gorgeous..

TheAuthor said…
Nice hairdo and everything! Happy 2012!
Gellie Abogado said…
thanks for the tip sarah! changed my comments section to pop up na :)

lovin' your jacket btw :)
Anonymous said…
I swear, I really love your Jacket Sarah! Its so unfortunate we weren't able to bump into each other when I was in baguio too during the Holidays. I hope to meet you soon!



Gela said…
thanks for the heads up on the comment box thing, Sarah! i've been having trouble w/ that, too, on other blogs, but i didn't realize mine was set to the standard one, so i just changed it!

boat ride through the sky
Teng said…
ngaun ko lang napansin ang maiksi mong hair :) it look nice on you.
Jenine said…
Looking good with your new hair :)
Mar said…
You look completely relaxed and happy over there, and I can honestly understand why you love Baguio! Thank you for sharing such an amazing outfit post Sarah! Hope to be seeing you around soon!
Momma's Runway said…
i LOVE your hair! <3 And the bag!
The idea of you guys moving to Baguio is just so exciting, but heartbreaking because we might not see you often here in Manila. :( You look so beautiful, Sarah! Love your H&M jeans!


Chyrel Gomez said…
yeah, same here. i love it when comment box would pop up, like mine and yours. for real? moving to baguio? funny, boyfriend and me thought of it but we just didn't entertain it.
I love your hair girl! And that jacket is fab! :D