What I Wore Today: Fia Manilla

I have this awkward face when posing for photographs that I must learn to get rid off!
Anyway, it's not about the face so just don't mind it. I, however, on the other hand, can't help but. (ugh!)
Moving on...

clothes c/o Fia Manilla, DIY black cami, Mikka Padua Clutch, Stacatto Pumps

Remember my post a few days ago when I thanked Fia Manilla for that big pouch of clothes they sent me? Here's a couple of them. The kimono type topper and the brocade pencil skirt is available in their current collection.

These days, it is so easy to just turn on the computer, log into Facebook or Multiply and go shopping. I myself (obviously) am a big fan of online shopping. I shop a lot online so it's no surprise that there are times when I get disappointed about the quality of the clothes when they arrive at my house. Often times, the photos look amazingly pretty but once you receive them, it's either the color is off, the clothes are either ill-fitting or badly tailored. You really can't blame the seller either since you know off-hand that at the prices they're being sold, they are most probably mass-produced, disposable fashion, which is okay when it comes to trendy pieces. But when it comes to classic clothing that'll last you years and not just seasons, I think it is wise to invest a couple more hundred for something well made. And that is the case with Fia Manilla.

I was surprised at the quality and tailoring of the clothes when they first arrived. I've gotten quite used to the "tiangge" quality of clothes that I've learned to accept them as the norm. Thank you Fia for reminding me that I deserve more and that I should get more for my money.

Suffice to say, I am really excited about Fia Manilla's upcoming collection.

and don't forget, Ms Eggplant's Chronicles and Fia Manilla are giving you the chance to win P3000 worth of GC's so you can shop to your heart's content!

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Janelle said…
love the ensemble... very on trend with the color-blocking :)
Denise said…
i love the whole look sarah! :) and nice hair ah! :)bagay :)
Mxx said…
You cut your hair! Nice.
Great mixing!! :)

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Mary Ann said…
I really really LOVE your hair!=D and the outfit, always bagay naman eh, hihi, kumbaga, 100% sure na,=D
Unknown said…
I love this outfit! The eggplant colored skirt and yellow clutch are so pretty! ^_^
Chyrel Gomez said…
I love the clutch bag and I can't help but agree with online shopping. Seldom do it and seldom means twice a week. Haha!

Parang buwis buhay shots, is this on top of the building? As for the outfit shots, I like looking away para walang problema after the camera clicks.

Happy Weekend!
Norbyah said…
hi! i LOVE your hair cut. looks great. also, great clutch. i've been eyeing mikka's clutches....i must get onto chicify and get one myself.

Joyce said…
your hair is really nice and the color blocking is sophisticated and elegant :)


Unknown said…
eh yung ang ganda mo kaya sa mga photos mo! haha. as for online shopping, good thing i have a restraining order from myself!
Anupriya DG said…
Loving that big yellow clutch!! <3
Unknown said…
Love the bright pop of yellow!

dred said…
i love the grey cardigan and of course the yellow clutch because I'm a sucker for anything mustard or yellow. :) pictures don't do you justice sarah coz OMG you are very pretty in person. but anyways, di ka naman awkward ah.

happy sunday!

You look so beautiful in this outfit, Sarah! Also love how the yellow clutch popped into this ensemble! Miss you! :)

I love that clutch!!

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