What I Wore Today: Holiday Parties

I don't know why but it seems like the Ber months, November-December to be exact, have more people celebrating birthdays than any other months in the year. Those 2 months were a daze for us as we had to switch from party to party with at most times, 2 celebrations to attend in one night. Here are a couple of them:

First up is the "naughty" birthday celebration of Dennis's older cousin, Mike

No, that's not his real body, his girlfriend just photoshopped his face on some bodybuilder's. F'in hilarious photo. 

Me and Dennis were both surprised and perplexed when we first received the invite. It was to be held at the Country Cafe in Pasig. We have never heard of this place but after googling and asking around, we discovered that it was a coffee shop in Country Lodge! It certainly felt odd walking in front of all those "Taxi Room" doors after parking!
We stayed at the Country Cafe til about 12 because we had to rush on over to my best friend's house for their annual anniversary party.
LOL, yup, that's Lito Pimentel! :P
We haven't seen each other in awhile so we both screeched when we discovered that after a long time, we bothe decided to cut our hair short on the same day! Everyone thought we planned it but honestly, we didn't. 
love this girl! we've been bff's since the 4th grade. I'm 32 now so do the math.
This year, we ditched the beer bongs for these beer helmets:
rico blanco party beer helmet
rico blanco candid photo
 ...which looked cool and fun at first until we realized they didn't work! The straws were too short! (losers! hahaha), still, we decided to take advantage of the situation with "funny photos", baka funny lang for us :P

And this is what I wore to both parties:
georgette top from Pink Manila, Forever21 suede skirt, aldo booties, Mphosis clutch

The parties aren't over, it's Dennis's birthday on the 18th. Any gift ideas? :)
(will appreciate suggestions)


Tanya said…
Cool a beer helmet! Where'd you get those? :)

I love the colors on you!:) and so funny the body builder picture!:)) haha
the colors were great on you! :D and ang cool ng beer helmet!!! its a must try, ewan nalang pag hindi nalasing dyan :P
Rovie, The Bargain Doll
Love your suede skirt and Aldo shoes, Sarah! :) Such a happy celebration you've attended! Miss you girl!


Chyrel Gomez said…
we got the same skirt, we bought it when we were in manila! haha! ang saya ng beer helmet ha and ano ba pwede i gift mo sa husband mo? ang hirap talaga pumili for the partner.

ipad? helmet? shoes? watch? XD
Gellie Abogado said…
lol at the tarp! :P loooove your outfit and that fur hanging from your bag! :)
A N A G O N said…
E yung makita ko nanaman si Rico Blanco sa post mo! :D Akk! #akonaangfangurlhaha
MJC said…
love the pic with lito pimentel. :) really like him. lalo na pag comedy stuff.