What I Wore Today: ILMHIB

everything from F21 except black circle scarf c/o oxygen

Kids are small but carry the most luggage. During our recent trip to Baguio, I decided to share a suitcase with Nikola, only to realize that all that was left was a quarter of the space. I had to make do since I didn't want to carry an additional bag because we were carrying a lot of stuff with us this time to replenish the supplies in the house. I ended up taking with me just 3 pairs of skirts, stockings, 2 jackets, several shirts and the pants I was already wearing during the trip (we were staying for a week). I didn't realize how cold it was going to get in the evening. I ended up shopping for tights, mittens, uggs, and hats the day after we arrived.

We have all been missing Baguio terribly. The traffic in Manila, the heat, the overpopulation is just terrible and I think that we are developing an allergic reaction towards it. Seriously, Dennis hasn't stopped itching since the day we arrived. I also hate that it's so dusty here. Been contemplating a permanent move but nothing is concrete. Maybe, hopefully, in the near future.

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Mary Ann said…
You look so much younger luv!^^ blooming hehe
Roma is Love said…
have missed a lot of your posts. mygosh! you cut your hair short!? it looks really nice though. :)

and on your possible 'permanent move'... :( ill pray you guys will be able to make the best decision for your family :)
huwow momma sarah! first when i saw your photo on my dashboard i was like, wow pang international ang look ng pix!! yey!:) ganda!
dred said…
yes, baguio was super cold last december. i couldn't put my hair in a bun coz my ears froze to death everytime. haha

i love your jacket. :)

Love the colors of your outfit! P has the same scarf from Oxygen too. :) Oh and your haircut is really so chic!
Gellie Abogado said…
u look so gorgeous sarah! and i so love your whole outfit. every piece is a favorite! :)
Sumi Go said…
Loving your outfit! :) Anyway, I've only been to Baguio thrice but I love the climate there. I agree that the overpopulation, traffic and pollution in the Metro are just too much to handle.
Super love your look, head to toe! ♥ Gorgeous as ever, Momma Sarah! Been missing Baguio so much as well, wish I can go visit there again soon. Very far from the busy and stressful Manila.


Oh yes, Baguio weather can make you realize how much the weather sucks here in Manila :(

Anyway, love that jacket! :)

mitch said…
Love the layering, nice jacket!
Momma's Runway said…
Love the outfit! And the hair:)

Momma Y
oomph. said…
happy new year, and hope all is well with you!

love the jacket...and the overall "fall" colors are really nice.

✗✗ said…
Such a lovely outfit!!! I really adore your hair as well!
Chyrel Gomez said…
Sarah, are you sure? Baguio is so laid-back. So different with Manila but I do agree about the pollution and traffic. Makes you wanna move to a different city.
mikenbecca said…
I miss Baguio, I love your hair and wow your outfit is so chic!!! Take care lovely!
Rizza Lana said…
I super love your hair sarah! :)

And super nakakainternational ang look ;)