What I Wore Today: SIlver

Sorry about the photos, still working on the proper way to do evening shots. Actually, I have no idea how to. Just the basic aperture minus flash settings but it's easier said then done. I know this post is long overdue (it's mid-Jan already) but I've kinda been slacking a lot when it comes to blogging esp this 2012. So-hard-to-get-out-of-this-rut!

Anyway, this is what I wore to our family's New Year's Dinner:

All Silver! 

old Silver cardi with gold flecks, silver top by Isaac Mizrahi, silver sequin skirt from F21, navy blue platforms with glitter heels from Pill

Hope you like!

Great news by the way, was finally able to find a dress for the wedding on Saturday! Found it at The Ramp in Crossings. I know, I should've gone there first but I was trying to not spend so much since I was only planning on wearing it once. Can I just say...it is so expensive to be in the malls searching for something in particular, there are just so many irrisistable goodies you find along the way.

I've been looking for a dress for about a week, within that span of time, I have amassed 4 new pairs of shoes, a corset, and a few other items. I know, right? It doesn't really help that most establishments are on their end of season sale either!

For the other shoe mongers out there, I have great news, in case you don't know yet, Rustan's is now carrying Jessica Simpson shoes! (insert evil laugh here) I've seen the collection and they are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S and Sky High! Woot! Have fun shopping! 

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Vanessa Mercado said…
superb look and outfit!!! love the combinations and the way you carried it... very elegant yet very sexy... great hair too...love it!!! its nice that you already found something to wear on the wedding on saturday.. can't wait for your next post on it!!! following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too.. kissess!!!
Issa said…
love the outfit! perfect to start the New Year! :)
Superblondeep said…
beautiful skirt! you hace nice legs! thanks for your greeting! xoxo
thestyleflux said…
Great outfit! so gorgeous, love the skirt!

Beautiful skirt from F21! Eyeing on it, Sarah! You're forever gorgeous! Miss you love!

DailyGlamour said…
sonice outfit !
We can follow each other ?
niknok said…
love the skirt so much!!! so sexy! xx

The Niknok Style
Paula Sabrine said…
I love your outfit most especially the skirt! <3
Life's a shoe said…
oooh fabulous skirt! those heels are pretty awesome too!
Momma sarah! I've been wanting those shoes from pill but in purple. Where did you buy yours?:) I mean branch and how much?:)
great silver skirt!!

xx, Sabinna and David
still, you looked good in your pictures. love those glinting outfit of yours. happy weekend!
Chyrel Gomez said…
I love the skirt and shoes. So shining and shimmering ha. XD

We have JS in Rustans here but they got flats lang. Not sure if it's a good thing or a bad one.
Hautepot said…
That skirt is really cute :) Whoa! Shopping fiend!
Gellie Abogado said…
Glamorous! You just shine in silver! :)
Hena Tayeb said…
Love the outfit.. the skirt is just too cute.
D said…
Omigosh! Tagal ko na talaga nawala. Didn't know you cut your hair pala. It's soooo bagay!!! :) I missed reading your posts. :)
Nikki Abella said…
Lovely outfit! :)))

Followed your blog! :) I moved to a new home, and I'll appreciate it a lot if you could follow back! :)

Thank you!

Ida Marie said…
Relly like your skirt, where is it from? :)

Love the skirt dear! Your hair by the way really looks good on you!