What I Wore Today: Wedding Guest

I was bitching and bitching about having nothing to wear and no time at all to shop for this wedding I had to attend last week. You know what they say about things that never seem to be around when you're looking for them but are all over the place when you don't need them? That's exactly how I felt. It seemed like all the malls and shops I entered were carrying nothing but sweetheart-cut, body-hugging, short cocktail dresses.  I hate feeling constricted so I always try my best to veer away from tight clothing (because I eat a lot and am too lazy to wear my Spanx).

After searching Megamall, Forever21, Zara and Topshop, with one day to go before the wedding...I finally ended up with this number from The Ramp:

I didn't want to spend a lot on something I was only going to wear once, so this dress was perfect at P2000. 
The tailoring was exquisite and I love that it's still the right amount of conservative for a wedding even if it's a one shoulder style. Trivia: I hate wearing clothes that require a special kind of bra.

Dress from The Ramp, Crossings

Zara Pumps


Mary Ann said…
Very Elegant look Sarah! =D love the gold detail on the pumps!=D
niknok said…
That dress looks divine! xx

The Niknok Style
you look really stunning, sarah!:) the shoes and dress match perfectly!
biang said…
love your dress sarah! plus the hair makes you look so effortlessly chic. :D
Chyrel Gomez said…
You look so expensive! XD
Czjai said…
Gorgeous as usual! :)
MJC said…
Very elegant! Ü
MJC said…
Very elegant! Ü
Gellie Abogado said…
love the dress sarah! i hate wearing clothes too requiring a special kind of bra may it even just be a strapless one. lol
Thanks everyone! Glad you like it, was thinking at dirt medyo plain but I wanted to look simple an elegant Lang that day :)
thestyleflux said…
Gorgeous dress! :)

Oh I love that dress! :) Good thing you checked out at The Ramp, they always offer great dresses with affordable prices! :) You're gorgeous, Sarah, you actually made this look so elegant. :)

Aya said…
You look beautiful! That color is so fabulous. I hope you had a lovely evening! xox

Hazel said…
yeah i know that feeling.. when you have to buy something and you can't find it! frustrating diba :| anyway, this dress looks perfect! :)
Unknown said…
stunning look!!!

xoxo from rome
JC Mercado said…
is he your lucky guy ms.sarah? :)))

Rizza Lana said…
Stunning dress Sarah! :)

True! I don't know whey I checked them last! Hahaha, but at least I found a dress in time :)
Yup! Cute, noh? Hahahahaha! :P
Thanks hazel! Really frustrating! :)
Aie Corpuz said…
love the dress! Bumebeer ka nanaman tey!!! Miss you tuloy! =)
so chic! and this clutch is awesome!
love your posts, following each other on bloglovin?
xoxo marilia
Anupriya DG said…
Ooooh! You've got yourself a gorgeous dress!! I love how you've worn that rich color with those gold accents!! <3
Hollie said…
oh Wow! you look stunning.
Unknown said…
tres chic babe! totally something i'd wear too. ps-- i hate all the aforementioned dress "stereotypes" as well. love ya!

ohsomefrankie said…
so elegant <3

Anonymous said…
you look amazing, i have a wedding to attend to next month and you gave me a perfect idea what kind of dress to wear, same here too i dont want to wear spl kind of bra and some not nice looking very uncomfy cocktail dress, i want simple yet elegant..i hope i can find one like yours..lol