DIY: Gold Tassel Earrings

Hi Kids! Today I'm going to teach you how to make yourselves a pair of gold tassel earrings! (grin)
  1. pliers
  2. wire cutter
  3. gold chain or old necklace with salavageable gold chain
  4. tassel caps
  5. stud earrings
  6. eye hook wire (don't know what they're really called)
  7. gold wire ring or gold wire


Roma is Love said…
wonderful sarah! :) love it!
Love this DIY, babe! :) So elegant!

Gellie Abogado said…
What an awesome project Sarah! Thanks for sharing this! <3
niknok said…
great DIY! I wanna make one too1 xx

The Niknok Style
MalanB said…
Great DIY! I going to try to make a pair in silver.
Asia Anderson said…
Easy to follow DIY Tutorial! =)

Love, Asia
iamkatrine said…
hi sarah! where can i possibly buy such materials? id like to do a diy earrings as well!
Anne Marae said…
this might be of use since i'll be attending a wedding next weekend! :) :)